So, if we introduce a bicycle with reliable gears and a trailer for carrying, it would bring a whole lot of efficiency and generate the possibility of one person doing transport on behalf of others.

This would leave others with the chance of doing something other than transporting things for themselves.

They would have time to do something different like repair bikes.

My idea here is to get a few simple but essential tools like the geared bike and trailer and provide these in a special way that will lead to a new Africa as described in my second article referred to previously.

The product list would include

  •  a manual stone crusher that would be much more effective than a hammer;
  • a manual water pump that can pump into a high tank;
  • recipes for tomato and other jams;
  • additives for making better clay bricks; and others.

From just these products, a whole lot of economic activity could start including more farming with the water, greater distribution, supply chains, and much more. The products that I suggest we are busy finalizing as we speak. The next steps will follow in the next day’s.

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  1. Each region has it’s unique social economy, the beneficiaries have to came up with their problems???

  2. Small conscious steps towards a real goal.

  3. I Love this concept very much, we need to learn to add value on all the products we produce and also maximise our time.

    If we spend it well then we will move forward.

    There will also be distribution of labour.

    Everyone has something to contribute and earn in the process

    Am glad I am on this group

    It’s indeed awaking us and building us up

  4. Important to take into account: who are you and what do you want to contribute.

    What is your destiny?

    Maybe it is the witness?
    Maybe it is pro active?

    As long as it is not neocolonialism.

    Does this make sense?

  5. http://dicotaus.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Tanzania%20Industrialisation%20Journey,%202016%20-%202056.pdf

    I am currently reading this book and I must admit, am learning so much.

    But I understand David, let’s take the holistic approach

    Happy to be part of this journey.

  6. Yes Janet, we are building towards that.

    We have to do it slowly and it must be understood as we go along.

    Other countries are industrialised but they are also socially ill from the way that they went about it.

    We can do it holistically.

  7. I do agree with the concept of specialization David, however at the grassroots level you can see specialization in terms of production of goods and services.

    But what I see missing is the next from production which is processing zones, factories to process all raw materials into consumables which in return can go back to the same community

    All western and eastern developed communities are really industrialized