Greetings everyone.

Hope you are all well.

I am busy thinking Kuamka!

We are at work digging up great tools to help:

  • grind maize,
  • pump water,
  • recipes for preserving the harvests of nature,
  • bikes with gears and brakes,
  • and more.

We will share this all slowly as we get the right ones.

And then, and then, we are going to get to deal with the funding issue.  No lack of enthusiasm and will here.

I am not in this for financial gain, only to see a shift in orientation in Africa that will become something others want for themselves because people will be happy and have economy together.

Any stories or trials to share?

  1. Dear Janet

    Your trip was a long one. I admire your fortitude Janet. Thank you for all you do so selflessly for others.

    Yes, I feel so strongly that Africans need to just shift their focus a little and realize that everything that one person does for another’s material needs enters the economic sphere. Money follows as a result. This shift is going to require big courage because it changes relationships from self to others WHEN IT COMES TO ECONOMIC MATTERS.

    If I want my village to have money, I have to do something that others need and they need to do something that I need. They must welcome and allow my offering, and I must do the same for others. We must all do this so that economy arises between us.

    This is more a shift in inner orientation than it is changing too much.

    Nobody in this village, if they start thinking like this, will be able to stop the formation of economy there. The problems that arise as economy forms are many. In Africa we don’t want to follow the materialistic and western way, we want something healthier. This is where the threefold way offers so much more. I will continue with this another time.

    Love Africa and its people. Afrika Kuamka.

    Take a look at this simple opportunity.

    Even the Queen of England is impressed with this young Rwandan’s water business

    Changu Changu Stoves

  2. Hi David!

    I have been traveling from Mombasa through Tanga, Moshi, Arusha, Singida, Mwanza, now in Dodoma by 2pm today I will be in Dar.

    It’s not my first trip but I must admit I am more observant this time around than previously. I see a lot more that needs to be done to elevate poverty.

    Africa needs processing zones and growth of specialization to avoid dubblication of lines of means to economy.

    We need proper process in between Farmers and consumers. This is like tip ofthe iceberg.

    The solution has so many dimensions but we can take each line at a time and perfect it.

    I can’t speak of the three fold nature but that is where you come in. Afrika Kuamka. This is my story.

  3. There isn’t anything we can’t do if we are determined and interested.

    All we need to do it read, work hard, try and fail over and over till we get and share with the world.

    I love your spirit and wisdom, that’s what Africa needs