1. Dear Michael, Inka, Ingrid, Ine and Lola,

    I do very much appreciate you communication and comments.

    I am very pleased to say that the second book, taking the story further to include the Liberty and Rights Spheres, has been written and is in the process of being illustrated by Kerry. It will appear in the next half a year I hope.

    Ideas for the third book in the series, and fourth, are incubating.

    I do agree that the story and the pictures are very simple but that they carry some core principles that are very powerfully given to us by Dr Steiner.

    I am trying to make Book I available through Amazon and Facebook. Ingrid is assisting me there.

    With much appreciation,


  2. Deaar David,
    this book should be used as a “studybook” in each south african primary school. -The pictures are giving a real imagination of the
    barren landscape surrounding many South African villages e.c. in the Ciskei. The short written statements can give impulses how villagers can change their depressing conditions right away!
    One little remark for the second edition: there should be some more tasks for women (and men), like e.c. baking bread, sewing cloths an producing sandals.
    The basic idea : how poor villagers can improve their lifestile by adding value to their natureĀ“s gifts is so convincing! Dear David, this little book is a treasure! Inka and I are thrilled!

  3. This story has been beautifully written. The illustrations are exceptional. I especially like the authenticity of the drawings and the horns on the cows stood out. They are drawn in beautiful half-moons resonating their connection with the spiritual world.

  4. A story that can help people to see the simple reality of how it can be. This needs to go to the people in these kinds of villages.

  5. Simply Beautiful Story and illustrations !

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