Another key for a holistic and viable future

21 November, 2020

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The key I refer to is the conceptual base that lies behind the diagram to the right.  The link to the pdf version of the diagram is above.  The diagram itself leads those interested to activate within themselves the concepts that are indicated in brief in the diagram.

With these concepts, when they are activated within oneself, one can approach many challenges in life in a holistic and viable way.  Many other diagrams, summaries and sketches are just this, an entrance point to a conceptual world that one must have familiarity with before it has any bearing through ‘me’.

In the diagram, it has been attempted to give enough leads, pointers and guides to enable a willing, competent and determined reader to bring these concepts to life within them and as a consequence sense the power and relevance of the concepts to modern existence – their powerful and enabling nature.

There are other articles on this website that deal in some more detail with the Fourfold image of Mankind and its application to creating viable organisations without being beholden to defining capital and more.  There are also articles on how, if we can pass daily challenges in life through simple and powerful concepts, we will be able to form and define a world of more harmony, relevance and peace.

So why not take a careful look at the diagram and see if the concepts come alive in you and you can get a sense of the value of referring to this key more often out of your own inner desire and strength.  In so doing, and in objective self-reflection, one might also discover the change of the environment in the smallest ways that result.  These changes would necessarily be for the better.


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