My Trip to Work and the Search for Meaning.

Handwriting and Footwriting – How do they relate?

The New language; and old language – which one am I speaking with and who will understand me?

The ‘Haves and the ‘Have-Nots’ – Why?

Parking Bay Lines as an indication of where Humanity is today.

Water is to Life as Concepts are to Change.

Spiritual Prisons – How they come about and what effect they have.

The burden of Africa versus the burden of the West.

Economy of the Future.

Another View on the Corona Virus – Covid 19.

The Practical Value of Spiritual Concepts in Daily Life.

Schools in relation to the Threefold concept.

A Parable of our Human Significance?

A Relevant Approach to Conscientise Humanity today

The Fourth Industrial Revolution in perspective

The Source of Change – As revealed in Reflection on a Business

State Capture or Capture by State? A possibility of how to move forward and find hope.

The Motorcycle Junkie and Human Development

What is Practical Anthroposophy?

The Lens Concept

The Liberty Sphere must discover our Humanity.

Competition Belongs in the Liberty Sphere.

Human Qualities

The Land and Means of Production Ownership Question – Part I

Horatia – A Fairy Tale

Humanity versus Nature.

Finding the World of Make Believe – A Fairy Tale.

Allowing Truth to Work for Us and in Us.

Understanding Zimbabwe’s ‘Coup’ and More

Forensic Science as a Basis for a Bigger Truth

The Four Temperaments.

Shock as an aid to our development.