Greetings oh silent ones.

I am now going to continue from where I left off last time.

Our village is now organizing itself to think that each must do something for others and economy will appear.

A currency will appear.

People will be exchanging things.

In the most basic villages, these will be products based on nature like:

  • wood,
  • charcoal,
  • water,
  • maize,
  • furniture,
  • animal powered transport.

This is where human labour moulds nature products for others.

In more advanced villages, or where other value is created, you find people doing things smarter through separating:

  • farming for example into
    • poultry,
    • beef,
    • maize,
    • vegetable,
    • biodynamic VS conventional.

In essence, they become specialized.

They think in more detail and use labour in more detail and smarter.

In any event, the thinking behind all of this is that things are being done for others, either the basic ones or the smarter ones.

The villages now realize that to add more value to their offering to each other;

  • they need to be better trained and schooled.
  • They need this also for the staff that they now need to employ.
  • They also need electricity, water and roads.

How do they organize themselves to get these?

Well, they need to pay tax.

They need someone to collect tax and use it responsibly to supply;

  • water,
  • electricity
  • and roads,
  • also law and order for all.

Without this, in our village, the people doing things for others will become greedy and use their material income to bully others.

This needs checks and balances.

These will become clearer in the next few communications.

However, if all these villages in business pay a little tax, and this tax goes to a body that uses it to fund,

  • schooling,
  • water,
  • electricity
  • and roads,

then they will themselves benefit from this.

More to follow.

Has anyone tried to influence their own thinking about how economy arises when we do things for the material needs of others?

  1. Kathy,

    Chandre showed me the link.

    As regards the current equality sphere, we have a vote. We must use it carefully. We as the people must get this 3 fold concept working in a few small environments BUT with everyone involved understanding it. This will generate courage and conviction to demand a shift from a Unitary State to a 3 fold State. In my view it has to come from grass roots.

    This is why I want find a few small teams that want to try this out.

  2. I agree 100%.

    I asked Chandre on facebook to show you something. I am not sure if i can put the link here. I will try.


    But yes we must make our own way. Our own solutions to our own problems. But without some sort of arm twisting I wonder how we would make equality sphere to do its bit.

  3. My explanation of why a donated solar power source is only part of the solution follows:

    Here goes.

    I assume that it was donated. A donation is a gift. Monetary Gifts are a necessary part of the ideal 3 fold social order concept but must be to the right sphere.

    Money is the consequence of a trade between 2 people. Trade happens when we provide for the material needs of others. Money therefore arises only in the economic sphere.

    Gifts of money and things can only come from the economic sphere, but, gifts from the economic sphere should go to the Liberty sphere where our humanity is nurtured, understood, and drawn to consciousness. No money is made in the Liberty sphere. It needs gifts for churches, schools, bursaries, artistic endeavors and so on. Gifts from the economic sphere to the Liberty sphere as suggested above ultimately leads to better people being available for the economic process and so more value creation. More value creation, more gifts, and more tax for the third sphere, the Equality sphere.

    The Equality sphere must spend the taxes for security of us all, a fair legal system, equality before the law. In essence, we need these three spheres to operate cooperatively, but conscious of their specific role.
    We, me and you, need to have three votes at election time – one for a government in /of each sphere. We need to vote for each of the three spheres as separate entities that will work for the nation as a whole. The whole must develop us as people, allow the economy to be effective on its own, collect taxes as agreed by the above two and use them as agreed, not for power! In this way, a society will become vibrant and healthy. This is the ideal.
    The world today just accepts that we have one vote for a government to have power to do something that they are not sure of. Africa need not follow this failing system. It can choose something better.
    So what is wrong with donating a solar power system?
    It is a gift from outside. Africa needs to, and wants to, understand how to create value itself. It wants to be independent of paternalistic care and colonization. The West ‘knows’ everything so cannot bring the 3 fold government form into being. Africa can do this if they look to themselves and not for crutches that are failing anyway.

    Admire, just imagine Kufunda gets a solar power plant like the one you describe. The 3 fold way of bringing it in would be like this.

    3 groups could be set up each to be the ‘government’ of one of the 3 spheres.

    The economic group would run the power plant effectively and efficiently in service of the whole. They would sell the power and create value in this way. They would worry about the amount of sun on the panels, the integrity of the cabling and batteries, the correct charging and administration of the users, repair and replacement and so on.

    The Liberty group would want to make sure that the profits are taxed and that some of this tax comes back to training and development of the people of Kufunda. They would also worry about the need for care of the environment and toxic waste disposal. They would want the solar business to be run efficiently but also to be able to charge enough to enable environmental care and some tax payments. They would be concerned about the right people being put in charge of running the solar power business and give advice on this.

    Finally, the third group at Kufunda would want to make sure that any tax due is collected but also distributed as agreed between all three spheres. They are there to make sure that agreements made between all three are adhered to and to provide dispute resolution mechanisms.
    If these 3 groups are set up in this way to receive the solar power plant, then, can you see that it will function economically, it will not be abused for personal gain, the community will want it to succeed as it will support the community, the tax man will be a servant and not a power hungry vote collector that says he is the only guy we can vote for.

    Africa must not make the mistake of following:

    We must forge our own way because we need a way that works. We are a special place on earth where this can be taken up. We must not let the opportunity slip past us. When it works here, the rest will follow. Afrika Kuamka.

    Is this an impossible dream or a possible dream?

    Hope this helps, best wishes, David.

  4. I guess because the story doesn’t illuminate what the individual businesses are that might be created out of this from different people?

    Would be curious to hear more.

  5. Nice Admire.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    For me this is only part of the solution.

    Do you know why I say this?

    Best wishes, David.

  6. Hello David,

    my family , my community and myself are learning to implement your teachings.

    Same us are slow, others are quick to adopt, while finance may be another factor of failure to implementation.

    In other words, it’s too early to draw conclusion.

  7. Hi David.

    Your ideas are still living and working with me.

    I have shared much of it with the Kufunda team and we are applying some of it, and looking for how to apply other parts that have not yet found their feet, so to speak. I appreciate occasional snippets, although for me our time together in Kenya was really where much of your thinking entered me.

  8. David you are wonderful and inspiring.

    My project proposal are tents and chairs for hire in events and water pumps for irrigation.