Short Biography of David Wertheim Aymes


David was born on 15 February 1961, as the first son to parents in South Africa.  His father is from Holland and his mother was born locally.  He was schooled at Michael Mount Waldorf School in Johannesburg until the end of Class 7 and then went to a private, English style, high school in Johannesburg called St Stithians.  He did not like the latter.  He then did his compulsory military service, traveled a bit, after which he settled down to study and qualified as a CA(SA).  David did his articles at Arthur Andersen and then spent three and a half years at the Industrial Development Corporation, a State owned development bank that funded capacity building projects in Southern Africa.  After a short stint working in a family business, his long-time destiny found root in the concrete industry where he led the development and growth of the Bosun Group from very small beginnings to being the major player in this sector in South Africa.
Along the way, he had a family of four children with his wife Chandré.  This provided some real joy and some real shocks and hardships along the way, right up until the present.  The children have now all flown the nest to find their own destinies; one went to heaven’s nest.

As a person, he admits to the influences of his baser side and the mistakes that this led to.  He also knows that he has not done much consciously in support of evil.  On the contrary, he has striven to overcome these temptations and the base callings of his earthly nature.  His objective has slowly distilled out of these strivings to support the delicate beauty of the Humanity in himself and others.  His contact with the ‘concrete’ issues of daily life, together with the inner calling to be better in all respects, have led him to be able to describe and share that which he does on this website.  He does this in service of Humanity as a whole, as a hope that he can add hope for a better and more sustainable way of doing business and drawing out what business really needs to be in a healthy society going forward.