Modern-day hurdles to realising Social Threefolding

18th October, 2020


Social Threefolding has not expressed itself in the workings of modern-day life to any great extent.  We don’t find many practical examples of it actually functioning from a conscious point of view.  We certainly have not seen any scientific measurements of it working and delivering better economy, better justice, and better human development. One can find some initial scientific measurements now appearing about the cost to the State of Waldorf ‘educated’ people.  It would appear that these measurements indicate that Waldorf ‘educated’ inidivduals in general have a far lower reliance on the State of which they are a part, they are often self-employed, self-reliant, healthier physically and mentally and bring some form of cohesion and harmony to their surroundings.  This situation is only a measurement of one initiative in the Liberty Sphere.


What then are the key hurdles to the coming into being in a practical sense of the Threefold Social Order in the current era?  In my view these are the hurdles:


  1. We remain unaware or non-committal to taking ownership of our own individual inner life which is quite simply and undeniably part of God’s means to bring change to the world and then part of what Mankind is required to do in order to develop correctly for the next intentions of the Gods for us; and
  2. Because of the above, we don’t want to hold onto the images and concepts that are required to bring about the essential foundations of a Threefold Social Order. We’d rather wait for a leader or Government to solve our problems; and
  3. Following from this we need some simpler images of how the Threefold Social Order would manifest in a physical sense using physical objects so that we have a stepping stone to give our inner lives confidence to give it a try because we can see it working in a much simpler form.


As regards point 1 above, a simple example that we are the conduits, through our own inner lives, of what the future will be.  If someone decides to work fanatically with the concept of Five, their world will become arranged in fives. Five is a spiritual concept.  It can only be held firmly through inner competences such a diligence, clarity, objectivity, courage and more.  I refer to my article on the Motorcycle Junkie.  We all have a fetish of some sort.  This appears around us.  We cannot gather or arrange the objects of this fetish without first owning it inwardly.  It cannot work the other way around.  This is not reality.


Referring now to point 2 above, we generally allow unconscious concepts or fetishes to live in us.  These are what appear around us.  If we want the world to change, let’s start with our own surroundings, we have to decide to own our unconscious concepts and look for those that will make a difference.  Our politicians are not doing this for us are they?


Point 3 above suggests that we need to see the value of a Threefold Social Order in material form, so that it could assist to awaken the true value of such a societal structure in us which we could then decide to hold within us and witness its becoming.  There are three such imaginations that have been put forward on this website:



In all three of these images, the form has come about or will come about as a consequence of conscious inner activity. For a societal shift like this to come about, there needs to be, within the people of the society concerned, an inner knowing of the value of such a Threefold Social Order, the more conscious the better.


As a consequence of the above, it is quite clear that it will take a long time for such balanced communities to form despite the opportunities that abound for this every day.





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