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If you keep mankind away from a country, withdraw him, completely, the country will simply return to the womb of Nature and obey all the natural laws.  The grass, weeds and trees will grow, the rats will multiply, and the man-made things will decay – all of this within the womb of Nature – the laws of nature.

If we allow a man to get near a forest at the edges of this country, and he chops a tree down with the axe that he has, he adds value to the wood that comes from nature, especially if he takes it to a market in the neighbouring country across the fence.  The next human needs his wood and in turn, he needs that person’s shoes that he can make.  From this barter transaction, a means of exchange develops called money.  The two key ingredients in this are nature and the labour of Mankind.

The next step in the process is that labour can be more effectively engaged in supporting the effectiveness of labour.  Let me transport you to work so that you can do better at work.  Let her make the clothes and I will concentrate on making wheels.  This specialisation that comes from the ideas that Mankind can carry within themselves, their ability to think, adds value a second way.  The key ingredients are labour and the division of labour through the human capacities that are of a spiritual nature – his ability to think.

You don’t have to buy what I have written above, just play the game with me a bit longer though.  Go back to being part of the human-less country.  There is no means of exchange in the womb of nature.  There is also no market.  There are no human beings.

Now, take a look at a modern Western Society.  In most of them there are a very few very materially wealthy people, a middle class and the materially poor. The poor make up the majority by far in all societies. (Figure 1)

There is so much money going to tax that countries can afford wars, political wasting in smear campaigns, power battles involving massive legal bills, national health benefits, retirement benefits, subsidised foods and education and much more.  They also support public spaces, water, sewage, refuse removal, roads, airlines, power supply and much more.(Figure 2)

 The citizens of these countries that are active in the economy are all buying shares at prices that are far higher than their book values.  There is so much free cash, and appetite for risk, that people inflate the value of shares many times over. (Figure 3) 

The quantum of money being spent here is massive compared to the basic needs of those without.  These people build mansions surrounded by walls to protect themselves from the poor who are starving.

If just a small vial of humanity can create so much value that is really not put to effective use, why would there ever be not enough money?

If we need more money, increase the vials of humanity by educating and creating a healthy social, cultural spiritual life for all.  These people will add to the vials of humanity and hence add to the value we create together in the neighbouring country.  The deserted country with no humanity at all will remain in the womb of nature.  Our new country will have more than enough money to share if our objective is to become conscious of our humanity.

There will always be enough money unless we strangle our human spirit, our ability to think.  Every young child dreams of understanding the world and participating.  Make them dumb with violence, sex, drugs, noise, flashing images and the like, and the money will run dry.


There will always be enough money if we love, have courage, own our own thinking, are clear and objective, know that there is something to evolve towards that is better than we are today, get skilled and get experience.


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