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If the Threefold concept were to hold value and truth as a means to a better future, then it must be able to give us guidance on how to respond to farm murders.  I believe that it does and this is why.


Our Humanity, the liberty magnet, must be allowed to be cherished in all its magnificence.  It is the higher intention of all religions to call on our higher nature, or, our love, compassion, care, clarity, ownership of self, selflessness, skill, experience, patience, courage and so on.  It is in this area that we are ‘common’ as human beings, common in religion, in worship of a higher Being, common in our capacity of consciousness and thinking.  All animals, plants and minerals are not with us in these capacities.  As human beings, we have this commonality.  When we start to judge others based on sex, colour, religion, language, then we have started at the wrong point and will never have clarity as all of these are subsets of our greater humanity.  For this reason, to protest on the basis of race is simply not something that will ever motivate others.  It will only have the possibility of antagonising others as it threatens their humanity.  Our humanity is given to us by God and cannot be removed other than by Him.  Flirting with the illusion that we can do this to a fellow man is ambitious to say the least.

Governments must make sure that we, South Africa’s humanity, are equally protected by the law.  Police and law enforcement agents should act equally in all circumstances.  Murderers and road blockers should be treated equally and prosecuted accordingly.  There is no excuse possible to saying that some of South Africa’s humanity should not face the law while others should.  This is a complete failure by our Government to bring people to a point where they know that they can rely on the State to deal with madness of either kind and not tease South Africa’s people into wanting to take the law into their own hands.  This will happen where the State does not function equally for all.

Associations need to form in this space to clarify the above so that harmony can slowly come about.  Business, or Fraternity, is the only place where material value is created.  They need these associations to function and need to support them financially but without fear or favour but purely to bring Society as a whole into balance.  If we start to see this picture and think in this way, a new form will start to appear and our society will heal and find new challenges.



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