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Einstein is quoted as having said:  ‘You cannot solve a problem with the same logic that created it.’ He also said that ‘Idiocy is repeatedly doing something the same way and expecting a different result.’ Both of these statements lead us to a similar concept which is that we need to change something in ourselves or the way we are doing things for there to be change outside.  This then brings us to the famous saying by Ghandi which says ‘Be the change that you want to see in others’. All of these concepts deal with inner qualities of ourselves, not a change in diet, but a change in heart that leads for example to a change in diet.  They all ask for us to change inwardly.  Another famous quote, attributed to Mark Twain, indicating the need for openness to change is this one, ‘It is not what one does not know that is the problem, but rather what one does know that ain’t so!’  This last quote highlights the concept that hanging onto false concepts is the problem.  This of course comes about through prejudice, self-righteousness, fear, doubt, hate, haste and more.  All of these are possible inner qualities that we either allow to become emboldened in our inner selves or not.  These are our choice.

There are many very clear articles already written about the current situation in Zimbabwe and the possible causes and outcomes. They are all substantially based on concepts of a material nature and very insightful within these boundaries.  By this I mean that commentators are saying that the puzzle pieces of the Mugabe era have been put together like this and this led to a distorted picture.  The same pieces should have been put together like this, or need now to be put together like that and a new era will be possible.  This is all correct, however, no commentaries on Zimbabwe are taking account of what concepts were and are inwardly held in their analysis of the situation – how do inner qualities play their role in such cases? – do we need to take heed of them going forward? – does this add

value to the debate at all?.  These are not our physical or material qualities but our spiritual qualities.  So, now I have to give these to you or I would be failing in the same way.

Firstly, one sees quite clearly the concepts of war veterans, and the liberation struggle, as cornerstones of all commentaries – things from the past.  There are also the concepts of unemployment and the economy – issues for the future now.  All of these have been considered.  What is missing, however, is the realisation that the puzzle pieces were moved around, and will be moved around, subject to core concepts.  If core concepts oppose each other, then the pieces get moved around in such a way that two disjointed puzzles appear where there should ideally have been one.  In the Zimbabwe example, the war veterans and liberation concepts, a picture of the past, require funding, while the economy requires growing which requires funding too, a picture of the future.  Here there is immediately a conflict. The budget experts will get to work and constrain both.  If one thinks this way, it will happen – constraints will be built in! ‘One cannot fix a problem with the same logic that created it.’  Something has to give or be replaced with another concept.  Which is it going to be?

Secondly, one can see quite clearly that Mr Mugabe’s inner life changed over the 37 years of rule.  As this happened, the outer situation also changed.  The first ten years of independence were seen as very exciting and liberating years of a non-racial society, except for the North-Korean supported genocide of Matabeles.  What lived in one man’s soul to support and allow this?  Then, in the soul of Mr Mugabe, something changed further, and his love and hate for the West eventually led to the farm invasions.  Then there were the election rigging realities and eventually his complete surrender to his wife’s will and her value system and concepts.  This is all a high-level view, however, on the ground, the entire structure of things changed each time to support the workings of the latest soul disposition of one man.  People changed, salaries changed, command lines changed, meeting attendees and agendas changed, and so on.  During all of this, what happened to the concepts of ingenuity, human dignity, excellence, skill, experience, courage, diligence and more?  Certain soul qualities living in Mr Mugabe determined the situation in Zimbabwe until the current turn of events.

Thirdly, his wife, children and relatives have been so completely led to believe that they can spend as though there is no tomorrow.  They have in their souls this rock of certainty which is that they can spend and splurge as they please, ‘even though this ain’t so’.  They are now left with the reality that they are going to have to deal with this illusion.  It is going to be a real issue in the children’s young lives going forward – ‘My Dad was the head of a whole Country but, um, well, at least I had an education better than most and decided to use it.’ Who knows which way this will go?

Fourthly, the Generals of the army and the planners of the ‘Coup’ have held a very firm inner line in what their objectives were.  They have given voice to ordinary Zimbabweans and it is clear for all to see what the sentiment is.  It is quite an unusual event.  No violence and no looting.  Wow!  Fantastic.  I doubt in hardened souls in other parts of the World that this would be possible.  This is where Sub-Saharan Africa is unique.  It still has people with love, forgiveness and patience. Will the new incumbents continue to give voice to the people and use founding concepts that encourage the wholesome turning of a sustainable dispensation?  Do they seek the wisdom of the Threefold Social Order?  I am sure that they do but they are unlikely to find it because it does not yet live in enough human souls as a sound and supported concept.

In closing, and looking at the concept that what lived in Mr Mugabe’s inner life is what the people of Zimbabwe were faced with, I give you an alternative of a positive nature.  Take copper 500 years ago.  It was substantially beneath the earth’s surface as a green metal.  Today, as it has become possible within the souls of men to understand it better, so it has found its way out of the earth, through ever improving processing plants, into ever finer forms and more applications.  Copper has followed the inner capacities of Mankind.  It did not refine itself.  Mankind refined it but only as he could hold the correlating concepts within his soul.  Copper is now a massive infrastructure for power, information, heating, and so on.  Mankind took Copper and brought it to expression as a consequence of his skill, experience, patience, courage, care, clarity, objectivity, positivity, diligence, selflessness, openness, and ownership of self.  Take any of these qualities away and place the opposite in its place and see for yourself the impact this would have had on Copper’s emergence as a servant of Mankind.  These are the qualities that need to be included in the picture that is presented in any new constitution of Zimbabwe if it wants the puzzle pieces to move into position in a constructive way for a harmonious whole for the future.  Maybe the God’s made sure that we had no man get in the way of Copper.  Will this be possible in Zimbabwe; that no man gets in the way of what Zimbabwe aspires to?  Anything is possible.  It is what we choose inwardly that eventuates.



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