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The answer to this question is quite simple really; and yet, a real battle still awaits.  The answer is to be more meaningful to society in general, notably to business and to government.  So how does one achieve this?  Is it achievable or is it something we must just pray or hope for?

Business’ sole task is to provide for the outer needs of humanity efficiently, without waste of any kind.  Waste extends to the waste of humanity and nature.  Business is where value is created, either from nature and labour, or from the division of labour leading to specialisation and diversification of human contributions to the economic process.  This value ends up in money as money is simply the means to exchange the various values created.  Schools, churches and artists are not involved in the economic process.  They are involved with the liberty initiative. They provide for the inner needs of humanity.  The thinking that churches, schools and the arts are not going to end up with money unless they are structured as businesses is a totally false goal!  The reason this is a false goal is because one can never educate a person efficiently or bring God to her efficiently.  People can never become commodities.  No ‘process’ can be devised to bring the art within a work of art to a human soul efficiently.  Efficiency relates to what can be done with the manufacture of products or the provision of service or storage of data.  The very thought that human qualities can be efficiently handed over is abhorrent to any person with a sense of their humanity.  To summarise then, business is the sphere where money comes from.  It goes to the equality or government sphere via taxes.  It needs to get to the liberty sphere via donations or gifts.  This will not happen until business wants to make a gift gesture in return for better people or until government wants to get better people so that it can provide a better platform for a functioning society that can in turn generate more taxes, and so on.

Why should business and government want better people?  What are better people?  (I refer you to various articles in the liberty section of my website.) I repeat here what has been said before.  Dam walls, roads and bread all come from the activities of the human being.  The finished product is a consequence of the idea, the plan.  The action of making the product comes second through determination, skill and experience.  First comes the idea.  Ideas are not material things.  They are spiritual.  Some people have grounded ideas.  Some have whacky ideas.  Some ideas are practical, others simply fantastical.  Then, people with patience, care, courage, positivity, openness, selflessness, objectivity, clarity, diligence and ownership of self, for some reason make a bigger contribution to any endeavour than those with the opposite capacities of soul.  The opposites are haste, hate, fear, negativity, prejudice, self-interest, fantasy, laziness and blame. People with these qualities in their souls don’t add much to the end result of things in business or in government.  Just take one simple example and run through it first with the constructive soul contents and then with the negative ones alive in you.  The example could be the way tea is made by the tea person either in business or in the government offices.  If you do this carefully within yourself, you will sense exactly what I am saying.  In the first case, the person will make good tea, have a positive effect on the other staff, waste less, be able to participate and do more.  The second person will have the effect of others preferring to make the tea themselves, waste, loss of cups and pots and tea, dirty cups, sour milk, disciplinary processes and so on.  What is the cost of this?  It is huge as we know.  The annuity cost of an ineffective staff member is enormous.  It is not only about the cost of the staff member but add to that the loss of morale, the negativity that spreads, the extra time and effort that it takes to improve staff morale.  Further, the problem is that one cannot plug in an App to fix this.

Schools, churches and the arts can have a real effect on the soul qualities that exist in people.  Can they shift their attention towards this reality? Can they begin to make the link between what they offer and what lives in human souls and how important this is on the ground?  Quality human souls make for better economy and better governance without doubt.  If business felt this to be real, which they are slowly beginning to work out, more gift money would go to the liberty sphere.  Government would also realise this and perhaps fund at least infrastructure for the liberty sphere.  In time, with more funding, the liberty sphere would discover more of itself, more about the human being.  More people would migrate to this sphere.  It would earn its rightful place in the Threefold Social order and have the effect of strengthening this magnet and assisting the motor in turning better.  More openness, care, courage, clarity and more, would be possible in more young souls that would slowly find their way into the system.  Automatically there would be more small businesses, more efficiency, more moral activities, more material support for the liberty sphere. Business would directly employ more of the arts and humanities focussed people to assist them from within. If we allow or condone that the liberty sphere funds itself through economic activities, we are diverting their inherent human interest to something earthly.  This is a very dangerous path for humanity to choose or drift down in laziness.

To get more money, schools, churches and the arts need to find ways to show their value on the ground.  Churches perhaps need to shift from serving God to serving the Godliness of humanity and God via this.  Schools need to leave some content for some human development.  Art needs to show what the human being is capable of if the humanity in us is served.




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