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Please read a previous article of mine before reading this one.  The article is titled ‘Humanity versus Nature’ and is on my website  This article is able to stand on its own but it would help to have read the one suggested above first.

The economic sphere is there to provide for our outer needs.  This is the sphere of fraternity.  How can business become an incubator of humanity, the liberty sphere?  I will attempt to give some clues as to how this is very possible, real, and achievable.

Let’s start off with some definitions so that we work from a clear conceptual base.  The conceptual base is this one, based on these definitions, for the sake of simplicity and clarity.

Here they are:

  1. Economy is there to provide for the needs of mankind efficiently, without waste of any sort, including the waste of humanity.
  2. Economic value is created in one of two ways:
  • With nature and labour combining;
  • When labour, and the division of labour, are organised.
  1. Barter transactions are made easier when there is a means of exchange in the form of money, a
  2. Money then is the store of value created. In all cases, value is created only when there is the intervention of the human being.  This is clear from definition two above.
  3. Humanity is that part of us that creates a society, business, church, or other service within the boundaries of nature but which is not nature. These activities only exist while our humanity is there – just like orientation is only possible when light shines in the darkness and the darkness has no defence against the light.  The darkness retreats or withdraws while the light is there and returns when the light is extinguished.  So too nature returns when our humanity is extinguished.  This is true to the extent that we have not destroyed species.

 From an economic perspective, value is created when the field is worked or the tree is chopped (Definition 2 above).  The field standing fallow yields no economic value.  Nature itself cannot work the field.  Mankind needs to work the field – the humanity in us needs to work the field or chop the tree.  The humanity in us needs to chop it well and into relevant sizing to meet the needs of mankind, efficiently and without waste.  Business as we call it today, or the economic sphere, can see from the above concepts that the more humanity there is in the people working the trees, the better the job that gets done.  Not only the better in terms of efficiency, but better in terms of sustainability.  There is no tree chopping without more trees that come from nature.  Therefore, be gentle on nature, care about it.  Value comes from it.

The above could not have been written without humanity in me.  I am born into the species Mankind with my humanity as potential.  The basis and core of my humanity needs to be extracted and made visible and conscious to me beginning with the way that I am brought into the world right from my birth.  The humanity in my parents is critical to this, as well as what is available in the structure of society that I find here on earth, from school to food and so on.  If this is achieved with me, then I can be of better value in whichever sphere I end up in in life.  Can my employer assist in this process?  In summary of this point then, value from chopping trees is really much more when the tree meets a real human being.  He cares and brings skills and experience.  He organises himself relative to others and the needs of the markets.  Business needs to be aware of this essence.  When humanity cannot think, design, and build machines any longer, economy will fail.

It would be possible within modern businesses, not only to recognise the value of their ‘human capital’ as we call it today, their ‘humanity content’, but also to want it to develop and grow.  Haste, self-indulgence, blame, negativity, fear, doubt, hate, and so on, when they are alive in the lumberjacks that chop the trees, are the direct controllable causes of waste and inefficiency.  The opposites of the above, have the opposite effects – more value is created if our lumberjacks have these polar qualities in their souls.  Businesses can take the following and simple practical steps to draw out the positive soul qualities in their staff:

  • Create rhythms in as many activities as possible. We are born out of the great cosmic reality of rhythm.  We find it in our breathing, seasons, heartbeat, day and night, waking and sleeping and so on.  If businesses have a consciousness around rhythm, the humanity in their staff will have a chance to birth itself.  The same applies to what follows;
  • Practice review and reflection;
  • Practice pausing. Pausing is filling yourself, just for minutes at a time with what you want in your soul, not allowing it to be filled with worldly momentum.  Businesses need to want this for their staff;
  • Encourage objectivity and observation in a neutral unbiased way and deal with daily issues on this basis. You will be developing the humanity within your staff;
  • Cherish it when human qualities are seen anywhere. You will be creating an awakening of what is human in your staff.  Your tree chopping will be done better with more care;
  • Have the courage to know that we are all human beings and all come from the spiritual world and will return to it. There resides the Good and the True.  Each night we are there also.  While outwardly we forget this, inwardly we are able to recognise it.  Talk to your staff with this principle in mind.  Cheating, tricking, manipulating them will have a very negative effect on your economic activity.

(Note that all of the above points are taken from what I am as mineral in my physical being, plant in my life force, animal in my instinct, and spirit in my ability to think.  This model of the fourfold human being can be held in my thinking and superimposed over any business.  The morality, purpose, form and functioning of the business will then evolve into something very effective and harmonious with greater world truths. Such businesses also attract the attention of the angelic world.  I have worked with this and seen it.)

There are many more opportunities to nurture, to incubate humanity in the economic sphere, in business.  Business, being the only sphere where human spirit is distilled into money via value creation, should strongly desire the incubation of humanity in all spheres of life, including within itself.



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