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What are we as human beings?  Are we only the consequence of nature’s biological processes?  Are we this as well as creatures with a sense of something bigger that we rely on the churches to own and dish out to us in return for funding?  Are we just a stepping stone for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in computers that will end up designing machines for everything, including the making of the next one to care for us and guide us?  Are we the perfect physical representation of what is required for a spiritual Self to be able to be formed? Does this formed spiritual Self arise out of how and what we learn during our lifetimes on earth as physical beings?  Can this discovered and formed Self  form a world around us that is ‘on earth as it is in heaven’?  Are we creators or facilitators?  All of the above questions, and more, about our existence, are being asked today.  Without some sort of unity and clarity of concept about what we are, the disjointed nature of our societies will only remain as they are at present or continue to diverge.  It is the task of the Liberty sphere to search out who and what we are.  For this to become a reality, the Liberty sphere needs to be allowed to attract good people that can pursue their calling in this regard in freedom and within a society that wants this to happen.

If humanity as a whole adopts, for example, the concepts of AI as the way of the future, a certain structure of society will form.   We will promote these subjects in our curricula, hand children computers at an even earlier age, work harder to be able to afford fridges that order food based on the stock of particular items.  What will happen to churches, artists, sustainable farming and so on in this case?  Whatever it will be, it will be influenced by the concepts of AI in some form.

Something different would start to manifest on earth if humanity as a whole adopted the concepts that we are only the consequence of nature’s biological processes.  In this case, we might find ourselves trying to be part of and integrate better into the ecosystems that we find ourselves in.  We would want to adapt our physical being into something more capable of living in very cold conditions if we lived in such conditions.  We would track and observe our physical changes depending on various tests on diet, exposure to cold in different circumstances and for different time periods or at different times for example.  If we lived in areas of water scarcity, we would want to adapt to be able to live in these conditions and would want to find out how best to use the forces of nature to assist us to achieve this.

Both of the above options are available to us.  Depending on which option we take into our conceptual life and value system, either one could dominate what the future looked like for us right?  Does this mean that both are possibilities, and in fact, that there are many more possibilities?  Surely it does.  Whichever conceptual framework we as humanity choose will start to appear in structure on earth.

What does this tell us about humanity?  Does it tell the following?  Our hands and feet are driven by our choice of concepts – not the other way around.  All, an abundance of, conceptual frameworks are possible for us to adopt.  These already exist.  It is a question of choice which we want to see and adopt.  Each will lead our societies somewhere in a functional and material sense.  We are the facilitators of this ‘all possibilities’ scenario that seems to be given to us already.  This freedom of choice situation that we seem to have is Freedom because we are allowed to choose harmful concepts also.  The Threefold Social Order is also a conceptual framework that we could choose.

The Liberty sphere people, we all pass through this sphere from birth until we choose a role in life, need to find a way of discovering and treasuring that in humanity that will lead to the key concepts being discovered and made visible to all humanity.  This endeavour is much bigger than race, religion and creed.  It is about humanity.  Clearly one of the key concepts that needs exposure is that the economic sphere should not dictate our conceptual framework, neither should the rights sphere, and neither should watered down versions of the Liberty sphere.  The Liberty sphere needs to recognise that the conceptual sphere is much more significant than any other.  Real concepts are truth itself, and when combined with a desire for the Good, things can really move forward for humanity as a whole.  Modern conceptual bankruptcy, or illusion, that humanity is someone else’s responsibility and not mine needs checking.  It is my choice to think and be someone in service of humanity as a whole.  Every one of us makes a difference because of what we hold in us in terms of concepts and moral orientation.  Giving up because of what others do is not an option for humanity as a whole.  Concepts and goodness are not to be found in our material bodies.  They are to be found in what calls to us from the young child, from our heart’s ears.

We have to want the Liberty sphere to have the time, resources and support to find truths for those invested elsewhere and desiring to bring their economic or rights issues to dominate what is sacred to humanity with their particular biases.  Both the economic sphere and the rights sphere will become stronger if they are carried in people that come from a sound Liberty sphere which wants humanity to shine through each person.  Both the economic and rights spheres need to want the Liberty sphere to succeed because of this and should enable it to with appropriate funding and rights protection.


(An article on the Lens concept developed from Plato’s world view will follow this article.)



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