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It would be wonderful if we could all get free National Health.  The question is, who administers who gets what?  Who pays the practitioners?  Where does the money come from?  Who sets the standards and hurdles for what people get and why?  In modern thinking the State is Unitary.  This means that we vote for the ruling party and it then legislates on everything including taxes, educational content and standards, and National Health issues.  What would happen if the citizens wanted a Threefold State and what effect would this then have on the ground as regards the thinking and execution of a National Health Insurance?

Threefold thinking knows that value is only created in the economic sphere.  This happens when humanity brings itself to bear on nature in the form of farming, mining, forestry, and making these ever more efficient via specialisation in the supporting services including communication, transport and so on. Nature on its own, left alone by our humanity, is nature.  There is no value of nature in these circumstances other than to nature itself.  When humanity comes to bear on it, to serve the material needs of mankind, value is created and this ends up in money and material wealth.  This is where money comes from.  If this economic process is inefficient, less value is extracted from this process and there is less tax payable at the end of the day.  The simple deductions from this are that firstly the economic process needs to be cherished for its ability to extract value and should be allowed and encouraged to do this. Secondly, the better skilled and more balanced the people are, Liberty sphere, that are active in the economic sphere, the more the value that will be created. We can see from this that the more specific these two independent yet mutually beneficial elements are, the more that taxes become possible on a sustainable basis for use by the Equality sphere – what we know as Government today.  The role of the Equality sphere is to provide equality before the law for us all, law enforcement of all agreements including those associated with human dignity, security, and distribution of taxed revenues to the agreed beneficiaries or projects of national interest.

 A NHI scheme would therefore have to come about in the following way in terms of the Threefold Social Order.

Firstly, the Liberty sphere would need to see the need for equality in human dignity in the access to healthcare.  It would have thought about current and previous requests and agreements with the Equality and Fraternity spheres and the burdens placed on both to deliver these.  It would have considered any possible trade-offs of these past demands on these two spheres that it would be prepared to re-prioritise in favour of NHI.  They would then motivate this, via this independent Liberty Government, to the Equality and Fraternity Governments.

Secondly, this motivation would ask the Equality sphere for example whether there was any spare revenue that could be allocated towards health benefits.  It would ask also for ideas on how it might link the administration of the law enforcement of such a scheme most effectively into other law enforcement systems and structures.  The Equality sphere would know that its sole role is just this and would want to do this well.  It would welcome its role to play its part in what was asked of it by the Liberty and Fraternity spheres.

Thirdly, the Fraternity sphere would be consulted on what it could do to be more efficient in its provision of medically skilled people to a greater geographical area, how it could improve its cost-effective supply of medical facilities and medicines to this greater area and whether this would or could increase tax revenue or not.  The Fraternity sphere would want find the most effective way to provide the services as efficiently as possible because this is what the economic sphere strives for.  It would also want to benefit the tax base from this because it knows that fair health care for all would keep training costs down, improve efficiency because people would want to be effective in business knowing that the taxes went back to them.  A series of meetings and discussions between these three key ‘Governments’ would take place in the interest of society as a whole – knowing that the motor can only turn if the three magnets are equally strong and correctly placed relative to the armature.  The magnets cannot move into each other’s space as they will affect the functioning of the motor. The above gives an idea of the way that the concepts of the Threefold Social Order would drive us in the right direction.

The current concepts of entitlement to use people as commodities for personal gain, aloofness to human suffering, and the justification to disguise the lack of value in the products sold to their own people, that are held by the people in business are misguided and will lead to all the unwanted personal discomfort that it is trying to avoid by worshiping only selfish material wealth.  In the same way, the government’s naïve assertion that it can be more effective than the economic sphere is arrogance or fantasy of the worst kind.  And then, the fact that the Liberty sphere is allowing itself to be imbibed into the economic sphere, or into the Equality sphere via race or patronage, and not defend itself with any dignity is just the worst kind of un-Godliness possible.

These articles are written in précised form but hopefully contain a seed sufficient to lead to a deepening of detail required to allow for the unfolding of sound Threefold concepts that will form viable, sustainable and thriving societies of the future. Could we not have three votes – one for each of the three key ‘governments’ required to get such societies into shape?





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