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We’re all gathered here today.

They’re almost ready.

And away they go.


They all have the vehicle

and the directions to make it.

It’s been a long learning

And memorizing process.

The trainers monitor and watch.


The race progresses.

The excitement builds.

Attractions, diversions draw more.

The end goal fades

During this long event.


The participants form teams

To deal with the way.

The hope for the end

Gets lost in the day.


The trainers they watch

As the circles begin

Hoping and praying

Their memory will sing.


They’ve marked with their tracks

The path of their journey,

But these that they followed

The damage has caused.


Awakened they wonder

The cause of their deeds

And begin to desire

Their future to ponder.


The trainers they see

The path is now sure.

The participants are conscious

Of the earlier allure.


And so it is

That race is won

The participants have found

Their hidden Sun.


The next event will surely be

Organized by those

Conscious of Me.

                                                                                                                                                David Wertheim Aymes


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