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Modern day Science trains the individual to think clearly.  This discipline and capacity that is being practised throughout the world today, is, in itself, a very spiritually relevant developmental activity and phase for human souls to pass through.  Without it, human souls would be far less structured, as practising the exercise of clear and objective thinking, is the instruction and forming of the individual’s soul via the ‘I’.  Were individual souls not structured and formed in this way, they would be open to the invasion and participation of other beings.  Had humanity as it immersed itself in science recognised this practise as a human soul capacity at the outset and foreseen the task of science as a developmental activity for clarity and purpose, it would have taken precautions to avoid the dangers that it would inherently have to encounter along the way.

A parable of this would be that a parent could let a child out into the world dressed in armour and riding a horse, but without any life experience at all.  This child knight, without any experience of evil, would see all it met as good.  As a consequence, at some point, it would fall prey to what it’s mission really was, even though it was fully kitted out and physically competent to be a knight.

Going on then, our child knight discovered it had talent and strengths that others did not have.  He won fame and fortune and could ride over established norms for personal benefit.  He started a school that taught others the same.

Science too found the glint of greed and power in the products and processes it could think with this new soul capacity.  In this way it has become used beyond its true role.  Humanity has become plugged into technology in the form of mobile devices, fast cars, anti-biotics, automated reminders and more.  Human beings have lost meaningful connection to the real need for science as a soul structuring developmental stage for the correct incarnation of the Human I.

One can see this process and reality also quite clearly in the forming of the economic sphere in modern society.  Economy comes about when we provide for the material needs of others with greater or lesser input by our human capacities using products of nature as a base.  We were unaware of these concepts and they got hijacked by the material rewards to the entrepreneur and corporates that result from providing anything, at any cost. We celebrate this material wealth and not the economic process and principles behind it.

What is missing or falsely dormant in today’s human souls that this loss of understanding has taken place?  Firstly, people need to be tempted into openness and wonder of other realities that might be there that they are not aware of.  Once this inner attitude of openness is achieved then the idea that everything can only be understood if there are concepts that can be very specifically connected to percepts is possible.  The connecting of percepts and incorrect concepts leads to this dulling effect on understanding, while careful and accurate connecting of percepts and concepts leads to a fulfillment and confirmation that there is more to life than what science and materialism have been diverted to offer us.

A parable of the above is that a person might have no interest in how a coil spring works.  However, if one can only get them to want to understand just this simple item, then they will see that only specific concepts relate to the coil spring and that if one tries to reproduce a coil spring with inapplicable concepts in ones’ thinking, then the purity and functionality of the coil spring will be lost. 

Following from this, people will start to sense that they really need to understand if they want to be consciously and constructively part of the world, rather than mere pawns in an unconscious world of dependence and destruction.  Further still, they will gradually extract the real value of science into themselves as a real competence of soul stability as the soul will have in it the entrenched wisdom of nature, securely formed there, because of the process of connecting percepts and concepts correctly based on natural laws from the outset.

As this structured soul, still connected to the outside world through its physical sense organs, then walks further through life, it will begin to thirst for more understanding and so also be further positively developed to interpret the full reality of life of which we are today trying to fathom without the correct level of veneration and from a desert devoid of relevant concepts.

In simple terms then, let’s work on our veneration for the truth and then build our capacity for linking percepts and concepts correctly. What is likely to follow is a human being that feels more of his humanity.




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