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The Missing Linc in today’s world is that modern people do not see the impact of their very own thinking on how the world functions and how it looks.  To spell linc correctly, one needs to add ‘I’ to the ‘c’ to make it a ‘k’.  In the same way, to change things in the world, we need to recognise our ‘I’ in what we allow ourselves to be conscious of and to what extent we want to truly own this consciousness, in clarity and in morality.

Schools today have decided that they need to be in the economic sphere.  It is a consequence of other thinking patterns in society that have lost a connection to the significance of the healthy upbringing of our children.  There are other sources for this loss of clarity.  The more egotistical nature of the human being has risen at the expense of holism and so we see a growth in the adage of ‘each man for himself’.  This egoism has also somehow dragged others along with it in groups, family like commitments to the same ideals in the name of safety in numbers.  For example, our political voting systems reflect this.  If you are a member of a particular political party, you can expect safety from this egotistical group just on the basis of membership, not on the basis of what you mean and do for others.  Capitalism has also become the justification for all kinds of prejudice against those with no capital and lead to the acquiring of rights for those with capital but not for those without.  We have created all this confusion in our thinking.  We don’t want to recognise our thinking as a faculty that is real and needs to be identified and managed by each person because it influences our environment.

Taking this to the title of this article, a little careful, patient, and objective observation clearly indicates to us that schools today have given up the key focus of child development, human dignity, and the opportunity to allow balanced adults to emerge later.  These qualities have been given up for things like the physical security of a child at school, the economic impact of taking children to schools not conveniently close to the family residence, the subjects that will earn the child a place in the economic hierarchy, the status attached to a school rather than the person that could emerge from a real educational and developmental environment, and aftercare facilities.  Many couples, out of ignorance as to what a child really is, want to keep their chosen lifestyles as intact as possible after they have children, .  They want to tick off the issues that make them look like responsible parents as described above.  They don’t want to make sacrifices where they themselves have to invest in being the real inspiration of love, selflessness and openness.  The schools simply oblige as this way they get a revenue stream, the teachers get a wage to pay their costs of living, and if the school markets all this correctly and keeps their costs in line, the school survives.  Yes, the school is around for many years and has indicated to all and sundry that it can survive economically.

The children that are passing through this school are getting marks and passing grades.  They are getting into Colleges and Universities.  A few do well in sports. Sports by the way are also offered by schools for economic reasons rather than for sound, balanced human development.   These children mostly leave school as enforcers of the “survival of the fittest” concept.  This is what sport develops by way of ‘healthy child development’ they will tell you.  The rest of them end up full of complexes, inferiorities, health issues, drugged by alcohol, cigarettes, cell phones, Malls, movies, and more.  These are the people that become our teachers, our business people, and our judges.  This we all know.  We also all know that ‘we have no problem in society’.  These wonderful people that have come through the economically driven schooling system are the foundation of a rightly formed society of the future.  Surely not!  Our own incorrect thinking leads us to this kind of bizarre confusion of concepts that we fail to address through inward laziness.  By the time we are here, the pit that we have dug ourselves is pretty deep and difficult to get out of.  The way out lies in clearer concepts than those we promote right now.  The current situation, if viewed with any kind of patient objectivity, is tragically laughable.  The Threefold Social Order gives us a very astute and viable way to think our way out of this mess.

Not surprisingly, what has already been described above is made possible as a direct consequence of the clear concepts of the Threefold Social Order.  The Threefold Social Order allows one to see the economic activity in singular clarity and distil out of the way society is where the economic thinking has permeated the other spheres unconsciously and incorrectly.  The same applies for the Liberty sphere, the schools of today in this case.  The schools should be there solely to unfold the best possible human adult living inherently in every child. Access to these schools should be free, paid for by taxes earned from the economic sphere where money is the life blood.  Schools should not be asked to be economic activities, but rather dedicated sanctuaries to human unfolding.  All members within a given society should want the very best people in the economy so that taxes can be afforded and paid to educate their children as well as to run the law making and criminal justice systems.  Each member of any given society, from whichever point one starts, should want the best Equality sphere because this gives a fair and secure base to all in that society.   They would also want the economy to provide the most relevant and efficiently produced products as this would generate more taxes to fund the schools that support the germinating of the full individual who in turns end up in one of the three spheres as an adult.

Schools should find no need to turn themselves into economic activities so as to appease the incorrect desires of poorly oriented adults living in conceptual bankruptcy, having come out of a conceptually corrupted schooling system.  Yes, this is indeed going around in circles.  The question must therefore be ‘how does one untangle this involution?’  The answer lies in each person seeing to it that they have a conceptual understanding of the Threefold Social Order, and sharing this slowly with others.  Our thinking is formative in a material and organisational sense also.  Just be conscious of your thinking and want it to be able to get itself around the Threefold concepts with confidence.  This will lead to small shifts in societal thinking.  This is necessary because what we have as current societal models are failing all over the world.  If it does not fail in economic terms, it fails in morality or justice.  If it fails in economic terms, this does not mean that it fails in ethical terms or in Equality terms, and so on.  There is no need for failure in any sphere any longer if only we think the need for excellence in each sphere with consideration for the other two spheres, our wish being that they all develop slowly at about the same pace so that no one dominates any of the others.  From this approach, the blossom can appear for us all.  Schools need to fight to be just that, schools.  The angelic world is with us, and assisting.



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