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Dear Tito Mboweni

The economy only comes into being when human beings trade with each other. Trade is a direct and specific consequence of the human being. Without us there is no trade and no economy – animals and plants don’t trade. Simple, but the profound basics of economy.

Secondly, when human beings provide goods or services for themselves or their relatives, there is no trade. The fundamental truth is that we trade when we make things with our skills for OTHERS. Then there is economy.

Required policy, therefore, should be:

  1. Develop human beings through independent education, not as political voting tokens;
  2. Create a rights equity platform without political ambitions – just rights EQUITY;
  3. People must get access to capital based on their human qualities and ability to produce relevant products efficiently with accountability to the source of capital. Getting access to capital based on ‘what you already have’ or political connections is not going to bring activity into the economic sphere because the human quality connected to the capital is weak or corrupted.

Points 1, 2, and 3 above work independently but create an interdependence that makes the whole work.

Unitary Government structures of today that mix these three points up are the cause of the retardation of each of the 3 spheres noted above and hence the viability of the whole. We need 3 votes each as civil society. One for each of these 3 spheres. We can evolve in this direction. No revolution required.

See the other articles on this website for more detail and better understanding of the concepts described above.



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