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When playing level 2, people don’t take in the significance of the words written on the cards until they have played the game several times, I would guess 5 times.

Remember, it is difficult to differentiate these three spheres in ones’ thinking.

When we read the cards for the first time, the concepts remain in the bowl of confusion.

It takes a while for the concepts contained in the cards to separate out in our consciousness.

Repeat playing of the game allows this to happen.

The rules become easier to follow and execute.

Players get more time to take in the significance of the cards.

They slowly become able to sense the interrelationships between the three spheres as encouraged by the cards.

Initially, this is not so easy.

Repeat playing is therefore essential.


While the card reading goes on, the players forget the movements that are going on, the separating, then the balancing, and so on.

These things all have to be able to come together in the consciousness of the players.

Why is this so?

So that they can then say to themselves that if this happens here in the game, it could also happen like this in the social life if the descriptions on the cards are real.

We could end up with the right capacities, in their rightful places, in their correct relationships.



Playing the game shows this all happening, but people will not always be aware of it.

Repetition will assist.



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