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Dear G,

Thank you for the questions.

While reading it, the concepts I use will challenge your soul that thinks it has a sound place already.  Try to allow your soul to accept my concepts, just for an exercise.  Try read it a couple of times if necessary.  The exercise that this involves is really good for the creation of a competence of openness as a living reality within your soul.  This will enable a lot in your life.

G:  We are working on the Mineral, Plant, Animal and Mankind in our daily zoom sessions.

We as mankind can choose what we want to do, but for instance Africa uses mostly nature to trade not so much thinking goes into the products that are traded, you then said in today’s  zoom session that the western world only uses capitalist concepts in the economy sphere.

I then asked, if we make ourselves very relevant is that not capitalism?

D:  No, we make ourselves relevant as determined by others.  We use the resources of nature responsibly.  By doing this, it cost others less.  We want others to do the same for us so that all goods exchanged are relevant and efficient.  The more this happens, the more tax will be possible, the better security, the better human development because training and development will be sponsored.

G:  If I understand this correctly, we will not become capitalist, but if we are more efficient we can use our extra money to pay more taxes and train people, the question then becomes this: How do we know the people in charge will use our taxes correctly or as described above and provide us with better security ?

D:  We will have 3 votes each.  One for the best and most honest people looking after our taxes, laws, fairness, and security through the application of the laws.  We will have a second vote for the best education policies and the most caring and competent people who can co-ordinate this.  They must produce a philosophy and system that delivers honest whole people to the Equality and the Economy spheres.  We will have a third vote for the people policies around allowing business people what they need but no more.  All three of our votes will be cast with the intention of bringing the best balance between the three spheres.

G:  Look at Apple they are seen as a capitalist company, they have more money in the bank than any other company on earth.


D:  Ok, this is where economy becomes cancerous.  Apple should be allowed to keep what it needs to continue to be relevant and efficient, but the rest must go to other souls who can use the capital to bring other things – venture capital – or to support training and education.  Is Apple as effective now as it was under Steve Jobs?  No!  So as a collective, we are keeping money away from individuals that could make a difference to others?   Money comes about because of trade of relevant and efficient goods.  This comes about because of the spirit, the ‘I’ of Mankind.  No more ‘I’, no more innovation.  Connect ‘I’ to capital/money, more innovation, more money.  For ‘I’ to become alive and aware of itself, we need schools and development concepts like ours made available to as many as possible.  We also need fair law, fairly implemented no matter race or religion.

G:  Why do you say its cancerous ?

D:  The wealth tends to grow abnormally in certain areas like  a cancerous tumor does.  These people get power and encourage laws that make their lives easier at the expense of others – this brings the balance beam into instability as the leverage is drawn towards the centre.

G:  How much should they be allowed to keep, enough for a year or two or ten and who will determine this ?

D:  This will need to be defined as things separate.

G:  Who will decide who these other souls are that should get that capital ?

D:  The Liberty sphere will have organisations that know their communities and the best people in them –  a bit like employment agents with a different emphasis.

G: I agree that Apple is not as effective without Steve Jobs, not a question I just agree with you.

You say as a collective we are keeping money away from Individuals that could make a difference to others, Money comes about because of trade. my question is this :  if these individuals can make a difference surely they should be able to trade their own relevant products, not so ?

D:  Of course.  Society as a whole will decide what they want the economy sphere to make for them, not the other way around where business makes anything for a selfish profit at present.

G: People should try on their own and fail a few times, and if they have a good idea they can then present their ideas to bigger corporations that could help fund those ideas for a share or their idea, capital for a return, will this not be a better solution ?

D:  That is still saying that getting capital for oneself is the goal.

G:  So I agree development is needed and law should be fair also.

G:  Their products have got serious thinking behind it, and they seem to stay relevant, and are very good at taking it to market.

D:  I have covered this above.

G:  Are we not going to be capitalist if we are very relevant?


D:  It depends what we do with our excess ‘money’. If I take it to the grave, how can I attach my spirit to it when I am in the grave? It has to go to other spirits, other I’s, so that it can continue to be attached to an I and so contribute.

G:  So you will decide where your money goes ?

D:  Yes. I want to give it to the right ‘Humanity competence’ so that they can take it further, change direction, supply other needs.

G: I did speak about this above I’m sure you will answer it there, at least here you decide because its your money, but people that are not trained in the ways you are training us will not know, who will decide for them ?

D:  The humanity sphere, together with economy sphere need to have special groups – non-Exec director type setups – that care for the handing over of capital to the right next generation. The equality sphere will be part of this also and will make sure that there are written agreements that look after the transactions. Where transactions go wrong, they will be called upon to enforce the agreements and corrective steps will be taken.

G:  And I would really like to know, how much a person should keep ?

D:  What is reasonable as judged by all involved.

G:  Most people in today’s life cant afford to have no income for a month, they will first need to learn how to earn more and save money or create passive income so they can be in a position to give more, is this not true ?

D:  This is real in the way things work today but this does not mean it is correct. In a 3Fold society, there would be more relevance and efficiency because there is more humanity and more equality/fairness and stability. As  consequence there would be more tax, less thieving of it, better checks and balances, so more money for schooling, trades, Universities and social support.

G:  Is this really such a bad thing?

D:  Yes, it is not as clean as healthy as it could be. It seems to be better than Communism but this can be explained also.

G:  Please tell me you don’t think communism is better than capitalism, please ?

D:  Communism wants to eradicate human inner freedoms that desire to learn and develop. Economy is not Nature. It is found where Humanity is flourishing. How can Communism then work in an economic sense?

G:  Communism to me is cancerous, Russia is a very good example, and look at them just after the fall of it, the connect got very wealthy. For sure Russia has good business people but communism was in my eye evil.

I’m very happy to hear your view here.


G:  Like Apple they use plenty supplier, they basically only put all the products together and have serious marketing department, their main sales guy, has now passed away (Steve Jobs).

I also said you remind me a bit of Steve jobs, I’ll tell you why, he was also seen as different, you are seen as different, I mean with all this stuff you think about and try and teach us, this is not seen as normal in our society.

And he was also a difficult dude, like you. 😊

People that worked for him was scared of him like the people that work for you, these are not bad qualities, don’t see it as that, it could also be seen as respect.

D:  In general, people are ‘scared’ of me because they discover fairly quickly that I live in clarity of some form and they get caught in a lack of clarity. This is what disturbs them most. What I have had to learn is that I be aware of my own clarity and not abuse it. I have not always been aware of this. I have had to learn to be gentle and cherish die donkie. I have had to learn to love.

G:  Besides the fact that people get caught in a lack of clarity, people tend to be scared of strong minded people, especially the “boss” you know what I mean ?

In reality the Boss decides weather you keep your job or not, and I can tell you not all Bosses have the interest of their employees at heart and true the other way around also, not all employees have the interest of the company at heart. ( your training shows people the flip side of that coin and train them in those ways )

People don’t know that while they are still getting to know you.

It’s nice of you to share that you were not always this way, I find it hard to find my own faults but change starts there to be honest.

If you don’t mind, please share with me your moment that changed it for you or that woke you up ?

D:  I slowly realised that I am what I allow to live consciously within me. If I am this, the others are the same. I must not smash them inwardly and chase that delicate flower away, I must nurture their own sensitivity to recognise it within themselves rather as this is the only element that can bring Economy and Equality in a better form.

All of the above is written in the book called ‘Towards social renewal’ by Rudolf Steiner. I have tried to make it accessible to all through the game Evolutionise and the Balance Beam.

G:  Thank for your replies,

I do enjoy this. I have so much questions without answers. ( or the things I know that isn’t so )

D:  It is completely possible for you to start finding all your own answers but you have to develop your own soul capacities by organising it with your ‘I’.  Be aware of this in the next few Zoom sessions.




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