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There will always the those that ‘have’ and those that don’t.  The ‘haves’ are not only those that have material possessions but those that own or manage businesses and have decision making positions, have influence, make policies and so on.  The ‘have-nots’ are financially poor, need work, are dependent on others and the system.  The question is how does this differentiation come about?  In South Africa today it is still made out to be a race issue and race logic continues to be the sought after thinking at the root of the solution required to define the antidote to racism.  Einstein’s definition of idiocy says that ‘if one continues to do something the same way hoping for a different result, one is an idiot’.

The purpose of this piece is to distil out the correct moral and logical insights as to why there are the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’, and to suggest the correct concepts that, if held and applied, would lead to the right people being the ‘haves’ and doing the correct things with this.  If one has the right people being the ‘haves’, then the ‘have-nots’ would be better off.  It is possible for the wrong people to be the ‘haves’.

There have always been the upper classes in society, or the ‘haves’, and those that are the dependent followers, the ‘have-nots’.  The qualities behind the correct and deserving ‘haves’ is that they have the ability to learn and absorb.  They have a thirst for understanding what they see in others that is better than they are.  They then develop skills and acquire focussed experience.  There are ‘haves’ that get into the position of being a ‘have’ as a consequence of the falsification of the healthy situation from which a ‘have’ should evolve.  They acquire rights to assets and positions in the wrong way, through inheritance, racial preference, religious manipulation of positions and power and misuse of power. However, the healthy reality is that despite all this sort of false ‘development’ of ‘haves’, the naturally healthy reality of ‘haves’ remains a living possibility and reality for a healthy societal situation to endure.  Trying to legislate this out is doomed for failure and the wrong ‘haves’ get their positions based on a false reality.

Behind every healthy ‘have’, there is to be found, in purity and simplicity, a free spirit with inherent competence and a sense of morality.  They have ideas that are connected to simple practical reality.  They follow through on these things.  They are not willing to give up what they know to be true and correct for anyone else’s false dominance.  These people do what they ask of others themselves.  They set the example.  They are constructive, they support the right in others and don’t go about getting in their way.  They say Yes when another is doing something good and correct.  They say No when others are negative, obstructive, manipulative and lazy.  These people are essentially living with their conscience alive and awake in them.  They listen to it.  They love to be quiet, open and courageous within themselves and to indulge in staying out of the rat race at regular intervals.  These people inherently find themselves in positions of leadership.  Their homes will be clean and tidy, there will be care, no waste, they will have what they need not excess.  They will not litter or drive without being considerate of others.  They will be sensitive to what is right and want the same for those around them.  As a consequence they will have followers that are loyal and positively support the greater intention of the ‘have’ described above.  Most governments would love to manage a society with an appropriate number of ‘haves’ with these qualities.  They would form a sound economic base, a vibrant moral base and support the development of a fair legal system. The ‘have-nots’ would have a fair chance and a better life.

When pressure is placed on these ‘haves’ from outside to give up on any of these individual freedoms, they move elsewhere in search of a situation which is not restrictive on the individual dignity as honourable Godly human beings.   No amount of fooling oneself will change this reality.  These people do not want to give up on their conscience.  The ‘Brain Drain’ (BD) from South Africa has not been made up of all the ‘haves’ that we want here.  Many of the numbers of the BD are made up of those that want unfair rights that one finds in other Western countries.  They want an environment where one does not have to care for others and have legislated rights that condone the ruining of the earth in favour of individual material wealth in the short term.  They want situations where the earnings gap is praised the larger it is without having to look themselves in the mirror.  They don’t want to be questioned on their conscience.  Many of the BD community are inwardly lazy and wish to live in environments that are not yet at the tipping point of the situation in South Africa.  However, there are some BD people that have left as a consequence of being unjustly criticised and restricted purely because of their race.  They are forced to live in dirt, low levels of public service, observe their taxes being patently wasted and being forced into accepting a level of education that will relegate the potentially correct ‘haves’ to being an incorrect ‘have-not’ because of the rights incorrectly forced upon any basis of grouping people.  Any religious or cultural activity that they source their inner strength from has been quashed as being unfair privilege.

A correct ‘have’ is an inherently more skilled, experienced and conscience sensitive free individual – someone that could and should recognise this as being inherently human rather than race related.  They should put their voice to loudly calling out for the liberation and protection of these qualities for all races and religions.  This will assist people that find themselves as ‘have-nots’ to see the correct qualities that are required to become leaders and contributors.  So called leaders that want power to protect a false ideal and go about doing this by trying to legislate the humanity out of deserved ‘haves’ are idiots.  One can say this confidently because we can see how this has not worked in South Africa under Apartheid or the ANC.

This article will not appeal to those without a conscience, without a skill and associated experience.  It is however written to appeal to those with the above qualities for it is these people that that make a better world for us all.  It is a call to those that want to be justified ‘haves’ in all possible situations in life to stand up for this.



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