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 A question that has been asked by employees.

 My thoughts on this are:

There are definitely two main areas that need to be considered. The first is the macro issue and the second is the micro or organisation specific issue.


The macro issue:

The World has not been able to see the Threefold reality.  It cannot see the three elements in their uniqueness and, therefore, it cannot see how they need to work together for the benefit of the whole.

The economy sphere is dependent upon the liberty/cultural sphere for good, competent people as well as a stable environment provided by the equality/rights sphere.  The cultural and rights spheres are dependent upon the economy sphere because they depend on the material needs that are produced by the economy sphere.  The cultural sphere and the economy sphere are dependent on the rights sphere to provide equality before the law.

Because the World does not see the above yet, there is huge dysfunctionality in all three spheres.  The economy sphere is not as effective as it should be because it has not recognised the cultural sphere reality of the significance of the individual’s spiritual development.  It also has assumed rights for itself on the basis that it can, rather than the consideration of what is fair and will work.  When the rights sphere makes laws that promote their own power base, there are problems for both the economy sphere and the liberty of people.  For these reasons and others there are huge hidden costs built into modern societies. Economies are smaller than they should and could be, the taxes are wasted and people become captives in their own political mess.  This conceptual confusion results in less to go round in terms of funding for everything.  There is less culture, less education, less economy, less stability through proper law making and application thereof for stability. Each one of us is responsible for this until we decide to recognise it and manage it better.


The micro issue:

A business is a drop of water that comes out of the general water of the dysfunctional system of global society.  How can one expect to drop a drop of water into a body of water and expect it to be identifiable?  All businesses are drops of water in the body of water where water is the way the society functions in general.  They are all subject to the laws around labour, safety, tax, competition and so on.  How can it be expected of one business to pay more than another in the same circumstances?


Just as a business is subject to the nature of the water created in the macro sense, so too are the individuals that join a business part of the water of that society. Each one of us is accountable for our society. How can any individual expect that a specific company can change their lot or the flavour of the water from which both come?  If a specific company is expected to pay more than the societal confusion is able to allow it will surely fail unless more is achieved as a whole within that company.  While payment for work done is a right, pay will always be related to what skill, experience and influence people bring.

If a business  wants to remunerate it’s employees with different thinking to what is currently the norm, it would need to be structured to highlight and promote the correct orientation to a healthy Threefold structure. We have to recognise that economy makes everything that comes into its ambit a commodity.  When the liberty element is allowed to become a commodity in the economy sphere it is denuded of its very essence.  It is the same with the rights sphere.  If the rights sphere becomes a commodity within the bounds of the economy sphere, our rights are as safe as when we can buy them from the Mafia.  We don’t want any of the above. We want to identify the three spheres and allow each one to be strong and vibrant and working in unison with the others.  Remuneration needs to be redesigned to free the liberty sphere from becoming a commodity under the control of the economy sphere. The liberty sphere must also contribute meaningfully to the rights sphere to give input and balance to the rules that we agree to and their application. The freed up economy sphere that will arise as a consequence would be able to pay more. All of this is, however, subject to our individual commitment and dedication to making this all come about.  The source of it coming about is our faith in ourselves as human beings.  If we don’t have this trust in ourselves as God’s creatures, we will have to remain part of the invisible drop of water in the body of water. It’s up to us.

I look forward to your feedback, questions and comments.


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