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Greetings all.

I have learnt more clarity about the game.

I would like to share a bit of it.

I will do so in drops at a time.

The rules are the mediator of the ‘idea’ or concepts, spiritual in nature, becoming a physical reality.

The rules in any sport make the concepts appear exactly this way on the sportsfield.

As you play level one, what happens on the board  is the concepts being expressed through the rules as well.

So, try to fathom out the concepts that are being expressed by looking at what happens on the board. 

In level one, as the pieces first separate and then balance, then separate and then balance, the board pieces move in a certain way.  Observe this. 

The Threefold social order wants us to be able to think the three elements consciously and separately.

Level one of the game shows us physically how society could, and would reorder itself if we did this thinking correctly.

More to follow.


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