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The Corona Virus

by | May 17, 2023 | People who are trying | 0 comments

For veterinarians, corona viruses are part of daily life, but now the corona virus SARS-CoV 2 has crossed the barrier to humans. What is a virus, how does it attack the human organism, and how can we respond?

Viruses are closely linked to the organism’s physical body. They originate from the substance of the genome and, like the genome, can influence the metabolism of cells, thereby making them alien to the organism. If an infection occurs, viruses penetrate into the organism. The organism recognizes that certain cells are made alien by the viruses, beginning to do something other than what is best for the whole. It begins to turn against these cells in order to eliminate them.

This is what creates the symptoms of the disease that now breaks out: the organism is trying to get rid of the infected cells so as to get rid of the viruses that have invaded, by employing, for example, coughing, fever, and phlegm. Anyone who dies of a viral infection can therefore also be seen as a victim of their own immune defense, whose regulation is an expression of the individual “I-organization”, the I-presence in the body.


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