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Governments around the World are generally singular in nature.  There are not two governments or three governments in a country but rather only single Unitary States or centralised Governments.  This is a limit that we have placed on ourselves in our thinking as humankind.  It is almost inconceivable that a country consists of three separate ‘governments’ that work with a common interest in mind for the state as a whole.  How would that work?  You must be crazy!  Well, I suppose that it was easy for a juggler to hold two batons, one in each hand.  How on earth could he manage three batons with only one allowed in each hand?  Well, one baton had to be in the air for enough time to allow the juggler to get control of the other two and alternate the throwing first of the one in the left hand into the air to catch the one coming down and then throwing the one in the right hand into the air to catch the one coming down that was thrown by the left hand.  This whole conceptual move from two batons, motionless, to three batons in co-ordinated regular movement took courage, skill, experience, clarity, objectivity, positivity and more – all human qualities.   Was it possible? Indeed it was – and of course today jugglers can do many more than three batons in the air at once.  So where is the limiting factor in seeing the possibility of three governments in one country working together for a healthier social dispensation?  How could it possibly work? (See motor video.)

Governments today, because of this limiting concept of a Unitary State, just cannot see how to get things moving in a healthy way.  They have a sense of what the objective is but because they are limited to the Unitary idea, they are stuck trying to bend one long baton into different shapes and functions.  So, this is how they make a hash of things:

  • They are only in power if they are voted in. There is only one government remember.  They need votes. In African countries they get votes through popularistic policies like promising T-shirts, food parcels, jobs for buddies, or via fear and political killings.   In Western countries, material wellbeing gets votes today.  So Government policies are aimed at economic development above most other issues.  Economic development depends to a large extent on stability and predictability so legal systems and policing are strict.
  • Popularism and fear as a means for votes in Africa leaves people uneducated, inexperienced, ineffective, and dependent on the State. State owned enterprises are used to garner jobs for voters and not to be effective.  They become a waste of tax money that could be used much more effectively to develop the society as a whole.
  • Western countries focussing exclusively on economic wellbeing are prepared to walk over the very core of human rights in the process. They allow drug companies liberties unheard of in their one-sided materialistic approach to human healthcare while denying the rights of harmless yet effective natural medical wisdom.  They insist on material measures to medical treatment which completely denies the reality that the human being is body, soul and spirit – as opposed to just body and mind.  Western governments seek votes at the feet of the Gods of industry to the extent that they are willing to boost the economy by allowing children to have access to laptops and the internet because this is good for the economy when young people learn these tools early on.  They are so blinded by the requirements of the economy that they cannot see that the economy exists only to the extent that children, and then adults, develop holistically.  The ‘technology kid’ is not balanced and lacks moral foundations and fortitude.  They will become a burden on the State that is educating them this way!
  • The diseases of Unitary States of the West who serve the economy as their idol are already evident. Soccer hooliganism, suicide ‘bombers’ and pavement crashers, lone ranger killings, illiteracy, drugs, gaming, and more.
  • In Africa the Unitary State has led to looting of state coffers, failed economies, ignorance, basic illnesses, poor education, and dependence on the State.
  • Which is worse? Africa looks worse, but it is the West that has the real problem.  This is not for this article though.

So, how would a threefold system of Government change things?  What if we gave three regular batons to the state to start playing with and took the one long one away?  My whole website deals with this, but in summary, it would be something like this:

  • One of the three ‘Governments’ would want to cherish the human capacities of their people. The second ‘Government’ would want to make sure that all the material needs of their people were met in the most effective way.  The third autonomous leg of ‘Government’ would make sure that every person was equal before the law and that their human rights were protected.
  • In the West and in Africa, the Unitary State would slowly allow and encourage the liberation of those born, whose inclination it was to teach and care for humanity, to find their voice in freedom. They would allow this sector, the liberty sphere, to develop curricula that are dedicated to the humanity of their children, not to their political aims or to the economy.  Children would grow up with their dreams intact rather than destroyed in drugs, sex and technology.  This sector would end up having the power of one Government in a meeting with another.  It would know that the humanity of their people is everything and protect it on the one hand and on the other it would bid for more funds from the Equality sphere and encourage business, the source of value creation, to see how important people are to them IN PRINCIPLE!
  • In Africa, Governments need to let go of the need for power by allowing a business sphere to flourishindependently. They should not give up on keeping human rights intact in the business sphere and should make it clear to business that their taxes are well spent on creating a rights sphere that is objective, functional, and fair to all citizens no matter race, sex or political allegiance.  They also need to leave the development of people to the liberty sphere as stated above and not use it for popularist indoctrination.
  • There would be tri-partheid meetings between all three spheres in time to come. All three would want the other two spheres to be effective in their role and would allow input from them into their own sphere if they were convinced that it would add value to the realisation of a thriving State as a whole.
  • They would each want autonomy but they would each want to be part of a functioning whole just as the three bodily systems in mankind are autonomous but essential to our Being as a whole. The three systems that I refer to are the cardio-vascular, the digestive and the nervous systems in us.


Is there a real possibility of moving in our thinking from a Unitary State to a Threefold State?  Is it really quite simple to see the folly of a Unitary State today?  I think that the answers to both questions are yes.  Watching a juggler holding one baton too long to get anything out of is for the past.  Nothing will come from this.  Watching him juggling three equal and shorter batons is moving and alive for us.  We should start to ask for Threefold government structures and take the risk of dropping the odd baton in the hope that our societies can get some movement, balance and life without being held hostage or being strangulated by Unitary States wanting votes at all costs.

I am sure that this leaves all of you with questions and objections – hope and fear. A lot of people are going to have to want this before it can happen.

Stay alive! Believe in what you can think!




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