Another view on the Corona virus – COVID-19


16 March, 2019


When someone has either luck or bad luck of a more sustained, ongoing form, we often refer to God’s influence in the situation. The same applies to births and deaths.  In all these rather severe cases, we are still able to incorporate a God into our feelings.  These situations are somehow very real and bigger than the day to day issues that we manage more easily with common everyday logic and reasoning.  In these harder situations in life that are totally real and come from a place that we don’t understand, we acknowledge a God in it all.  We have the feeling that it is bigger than we are.  We sense our relationship to a God.  We often don’t allow this same connection to a God in the smaller issues in our lives.  Yet, if one looks carefully at detail, one can see and sense the same connection.  For example, I greet someone with real interest in where they are this morning, rather than seeing them as the person I argued with last evening.  One gets onto a level with that person that is not related to their physiology, but to where they could be inwardly.  If one is sensitive, one feels this as dealing with their inner life.  This inner life is not to be found under the same microscope one uses for the observation of physical things.

Taking it from another angle, what does God see in our situations and what does He use to choose what His response is?   If one looks at the painting by Michael Angelo of God’s creation of Adam, and one zooms in on the finger of God and the finger of Adam, one sees that God and the angels are very keen and determined in a way.  God’s hand is very directed towards Adam.  Adam on the other hand is beautiful, but a bit laid back and his hand is not really committed to meet God’s determined hand.  It is also clear that the two fingers are not touching.  There is a gap between them.  This is the symbol that God has no physical ability to create Adam.  He has to work via this gap.  In physical logic, this does not work.  In spiritual logic it does.  Look at the beautiful Adam that God has already created via this gap.  He has to lure us towards becoming.  In the past HE sent us Prophets and Guides and so on.  Today, we have to want to meet this challenge ourselves.  Our hands need to find a desire to meet God’s hand through our own inner desire to become God’s will on earth as it is in the heavenly logic.

Moving on then, God, without Prophets, and only with our own free choice to become spiritually connected as His means to assist us further, relies on us to be conscious of our humanity.  He can only see us when we have some divine thoughts.  Thoughts that are caring, accurate, positive against adversity, selfless, and so on, are in reality, divine thoughts, even if they are directed towards our own cleaning of dishes, or baking, or repairing a garden tap.  We are less visible to Him when we are hateful, fearful, self-indulgent, lazy, negative and so on.

What is interesting about this Covid-19 virus is that the whole world is thinking one thought, often in fear, prejudice, fantasy, inner laziness and so on.  This is a very unique situation in the World.  I would guess that it is very seldom that the whole world, all the humanity on it, are thinking the way we currently are on one subject.  I ask myself how does the world now appear from God’s perspective?  Has it disappeared under a veil of darkness as our thoughts are filled with fear, fantasy, indulgence to hoard and negativity.

The antidote to this is that we all consciously decide to be there for God.  We need to deal with the realities of the virus, but just thinking of God’s need to be with us, a little prayer would assist I am sure.  Just love your humanity and care, be courageous, be patient, be clear, be objective, see the positive side of things.  Do the small things with reverence and clarity, even if it is not touching your face with your hand.

There are some beautiful pictures and words coming out of Italy that affirm what is possible when we begin to ‘Love our Neighbour’.  Perhaps the dark veil is being penetrated by this small flame that is beginning to shine in the boot of Europe.


A poem out of Italy

We come to understand that this is a struggle against our habits

And not against a virus

This is an opportunity to turn an emergency into an opportunity of solidarity and unity.

Let’s change the way we see and think.

I will no longer say,

“I’m afraid of the contagion.”


“It is I who will sacrifice for you.”

I worry about you.

I keep a distance for you.

I wash my hands for you.

I give up that trip for you.

I’m not going to the concert for you.

I’m not going to the mall for you.

For you!

For you who are inside an ICU room.

For you who are old and frail, but whose life has value as much as mine.

For you who are struggling with illness and can’t fight this too.

Please let’s raise ourselves up to this challenge!


  1. Dear Paul, good to hear from you. We are looking forward to your visit later in the year and the support to our community.

    Of course you may use these thoughts as you wish. This is what I call spiritual reproduction. Concepts not in human consciousness are like water in a container rather than serving the higher needs of a living organism, ultimately the Godliness in the human constitution. So share the right concepts with others. If we don’t, we become a hindrance to the intention of the Gods.

    Best wishes,


  2. Observed, point noted, thank you.

  3. Thank you

  4. This is the Right answer you gave to this poor little Virus. Under a micruscope he Apparats as a beautiful Little Planet, like pur planet Earth!.

    • Thank you Michael. Yes, it does look like our planet with satellites. Good observation. There are other observations by others that add value to what I wrote, like yours.

      Thank you.

  5. Dearest Chandra,

    Thanks for the virus link -I feel so blessed that we are able to connect with the spiritual in all we do -this virus has given me the push to connect more deeply.

    Also to take moments of stilness -I am not able to work so have lots more precious time. I wish you both well and connected, much love, Barbara

    • Dearest David and Chandra,
      to connect more deeply. Also to take moments of stillness. I am not able to work so have lots of precious time. I wish you both well and connected, much love, Barbara
      Thanks for the virus link. I feel so blessed that we are able to connect with the spiritual in all we do. This virus has givem me the push

    • Thank you Barbara. It is wonderful to know that others appreciate what is written.

      Kind regards,


  6. Dear David and Chandre, greetings from a quarantined Peru. One can leave the house only for groceries or medical emergencies. Only essential services are still operating. All boarders are closed so that no one can leave or enter the country. In this strange circumstance, we have taken some measures within the community to “keep the faith”, as it were. Thank you for the article and poem. I hope you don’t mind if I use and develope an idea or two from the article along with the poem into a sermon at some point in the next few weeks. We are not celebrating publically, but I will go to the church at the appointed times and celebrate the Act of Consecration of Man without servers or community physically present. That is, if I am not arrested on the way there! I have invited the members and friends of the community to accompany the service in mind and heart at the hours of the celebration. Also I will continue to email the Gospel reading for the week and a brief sermon in Spanish to those who have requested to receive them. Take care and be well, both of you. If all returns to some semblance of normality, perhaps we will see each other in Johannesburg in August and September. That is at least still the plan. Paul

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