Shock as an aid to our development

10 October 2017

In pre-Christian times, people were initiated in a process of near death that loosened their etheric or life body from their physical. (A complete separation happens at death.)   While in this state they were able to go into the world of spirit for a few days  while being ‘managed’ by other inititates around them.  They were then brought back by the inititates into a normal state of consciousness.  Because of the preparation before this event and the support during it, the person would come back knowing the quality and reality of the world of spirit and would be permanently changed as a consequence.

They would know why patience, clarity, compassion, objectivity, diligence, ownership of self, openness, positivity, courage, skill, experience were so important. They could then be this.

This process and possibility slowly left mankind as our constitutions changed.  Christianity requires of us that we loosen our etheric ourselves, without carers, and find the world of spirit ourselves.

Shock however has a similar effect on us as the old way of separation did.  It shakes our etheric loose and in the immediate aftermath of this, we can have feelings of deep devotion as a consequence of very briefly being in touch with the good and the true of the spirit.

Our challenge as modern people is to invite the qualities of the spirit into our souls voluntarily, with our own designed and practised effort, and not to rely on the shocks of life for this. If one can, we are in the right place and better people.