Awakening of the Human ‘I’

  • Unpacking the Threefold Social Order as put forward by Dr Rudolf Steiner.

  • Taunting the awakening of the human “I” and its application to the ordering of the social realm.

  • In search of people expressing real humanity. Society won’t form itself without our humanity consciously recognised.

  • Good concepts in good faith.

Threefold social order
Threefold Social Order

Unpacking the Threefold Social Order as put forward by Dr Rudolf Steiner – what is the Threefold Social Order or Threefold Commonwealth and how could it be realised in modern society?

Threefold Endeavors around the World
Threefold Endevours around the World

In search of people, organisations and initiatives around the world expressing real humanity. Society won’t form itself without this element be consciously recognised.


A board game developed to materially follow the concepts of the Threefold Social Order as put forward by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. The Threefold Social Order is neither Communist no Capitalist, but a fresh solution. An order that can evolved into, hence the name Evolutionise. 

Afrika sunset
Afrika Kuamka

Kuamka means “get up” or “arise” in Swahili. A series of books linking the concepts brought forward by Dr Rudolf Steiner to help find a smart and sustainable way for Africa to link into economic activity.


The posts are all colour coded to a specific category. These categories are related to a specific theme – each with its own experience paradigm. From Freedom within the society to the Awakening of Africa, each paradigm will attempt to explain my personal views and growth experience all within the modern African context.




Linking Spheres

Afrika Kuamka


The Short Biography of David Wertheim Aymes

David Wertheim AymesDavid was born on 15 February 1961, as the first son to parents in South Africa.  His father is from Holland and his mother was born locally. 

He was schooled at Michael Mount Waldorf School in Johannesburg until the end of Class 7 and then went to a private, English style, high school in Johannesburg called St Stithians. 

He did not enjoy the latter. 

He then did his compulsory military service, traveled a bit, after which he settled down to study and qualified as a CA(SA).  David did his articles at Arthur Andersen and then spent three and a half years at the Industrial Development Corporation, a State owned development bank that funded capacity building projects in Southern Africa.  After a short stint working in a family business, his long-time destiny found root in the concrete industry where he led the development and growth of the Bosun Group from very small beginnings to being the major player in this sector in South Africa.

Along the way, he had a family of four children with his wife Chandré.  This provided some real joy and some real shocks and hardships along the way, right up until the present.  The children have now all flown the nest to find their own destinies; one went to heaven’s nest.

As a person, he admits to the influences of his baser side and the mistakes that this led to.  He also knows that he has not done much consciously in support of evil.  On the contrary, he has striven to overcome these temptations and the base callings of his earthly nature.  His objective has slowly distilled out of these strivings to support the delicate beauty of the Humanity in himself and others. 

His contact with the ‘concrete’ issues of daily life, together with the inner calling to be better in all respects, have led him to be able to describe and share that which he does on this website.  He does this in service of Humanity as a whole, as a hope that he can add hope for a better and more sustainable way of doing business and drawing out what business really needs to be in a healthy society going forward.

I decided to create this personal blog for the following main reasons:
  • I believe that I know my own path to increased and improved consciousness.  This means that I can describe my own growth in Human capacities and how they came about.  I have found this to be of great practicality and use to some people that I work closely with.  In essence, therefore, I am saying that I am able to share and want to share.  I have not found a lot of the same when I have met the many people that I have had the fortune to meet.  I feel, therefore, that this kind of sharing is new and needs to be done as one of the many initiatives that will lead to a better world.
  • I have led the formation of a small Group of Companies called the Bosun Group.  We grew without initiating Shareholder Capital.  We did it on borrowings and our Humanity – we linked borrowed capital to our Humanity effectively.  We stayed humbly in reality and worked from here; I can say that over the whole time ‘humbly’ might be a fair claim but in the earlier times this was not the case.  During this time of building, we watched our competitors doing things in a different way.  It has come to a point where I feel that we have an unfair advantage over them purely because we are committed to the Humanity in each of us while they are committed to the illusion of profit being the source of all growth.  I place this information out there for them also.
  • I share not because I feel that anything that I share is better, but rather that it is shared in complete openness and sacrifice as MY experience.  I offer this as a free gift to anyone interested.  Holes will be found in my logic, but nevertheless, it is an honest attempt to share who I am.  Hopefully it serves as a peg in the ground, an anchoring point for others to use as an honest and clear point of reference or departure.
  • The intention of the content is to link philosophy with practical application in our modern world.  You will, therefore, find most ideals and ideals linked to practical day to day examples.  This is what is perhaps most different between the content here and the content of only practical life or only the world of ideas.  The concepts that are given may not be mine, but the application to practical outcomes and inner development is where I have spent my time.  I will try to stay away from the writing of pure philosophy where this has been written about more than adequately by others.  I will just try to link it to practical daily application through examples.
  • My own place in society also needs a reference point.  I found this reference point while studying the Threefold Social order or Commonwealth, by Dr Rudolf Steiner.  I have decided to place myself within the concept of this Threefold Social order and share what I have learnt as part of my wish to support and promote a development of a better world, a better society.  This structure also gives me the chance to split my personal growth path and my learnings in business into a structure and format that will hopefully assist the coming into being of this ideal societal structure of the future.
  • Should this website at any point become of any commercial value or receive financial support from society at large, I will give 50% of this to the promotion of Anthroposophy directly by the main Society based in Dornach, Switzerland, and 25% to the Christian Community – the organisation that busies itself with the renewal of the Sacraments.  The balance I will have to decide on.  It is from the works of Dr Steiner and those close to him at the time that I owe most of what I am competent with today.
  • In my mind, you will be doing the right thing if you are trying to use the content for the betterment of yourself, your suppliers, your staff, your friends and family and for the betterment of the service or product offering that you can partake in.