On September 6, 2018   /   Afrika Kuamka – TSO 

Dear All,

Kuamka means get up or arise in Swahili.

Is this correct Swahili speakers?

I want to test Threefold Social Order (TSO) concepts in Africa. I am more and more convinced of its relevance today, especially in Africa. There are two reasons for this. Firstly Africa is open to and desirous of a viable self made future. Africa is not to be fooled by the confusion in the east of the west. Secondly, Africa needs to find a smart and sustainable way to link into economic activity. All Africans know this. To start with, please read the latest two articles on my website of you have not already. Using the Threefold Social Order Concepts in Africa and Releasing Africa from Economic Stagnation.

I will try to move forward regularly and keep you all posted on next steps.

There are two principles.

1. The first is that economy as we know it is different from the nature economy where animals do things for themselves or their families. Our economy comes about through our providing for the material needs of others. Subsistence farming is done for one’s family. It is hard work but this work does not end up in real economy because nobody else gets a chance to value it. African people labour hard but this labour does not get into the economy. This can be changed when African labour is directed at specialising in some task that will do something for others and the next person will do something different for me. We then get the chance to reward each other with our special skill and this is real economy. Things get done much more efficiently because we specialise.

2. The second principle is that Africa can take on the Western model where China or the US or Britain come in and make business by providing for Africa’s needs but don’t take Africans along or even allow Africans to take themselves along. The solution must surely be that Africa takes itself along and understands exactly how it is doing this and why – knowing full well that it is not copying the failed/failing systems of the other current models.

The world needs a self correcting and fair system. Western people are already sold out to materialism and will die fighting to have it entrenched and stable. They will do this to the exclusion of the humanity of their neighbors.  Africa is poor and humbly seeking something real and sustainable. There is a chance for Africa to lead the truly practical implementing of the threefold social order as one consciously brings it out of a nature economy into a real economy.

Kind regards, David.