Evolutionise – the Game


This game is based on the Threefold Social Order originally put forward by Dr Steiner. The concepts of the Threefold Social Order have been held in consciousness as the board game was developed. As one plays the game, the concepts of the Threefold Social Order get practised and become conscious in the players.

It is a fun game and quite counter-intuitive to the modern way of life. It leads to healthy debate. Scoring is dependent on being able to help others rather than being able to take from them. Winning is, therefore, also dependent on whether others are in a position to assist or not.

The game, Evolutionise as it is called, has been presented in such a way that it can be played at three levels. The reason for this is so that it can be played by teenagers and then all the way to those of maturity. Level one teaches the players the basic rules and transactions that take place.

Level two introduces more understanding through the use of cards that give information as to what is behind the transactions that happen in terms of the rules. Level three brings into the same set of rules and understanding, another level of awareness when the creation of wealth is made conscious to the players.

The layout of the board is done in such a way that it encourages the observant players to note the physical shifting of pieces during the game as they reflect both separation and movement. The pieces all start in the ‘Bowl of Confusion’ in the middle and slowly migrate their way into the three specific Capacity Circles.

Scoring brings energy discs to the Evolution Energy Circle to indicate that there is both movement and co-ordinated energy that benefits all players. Level three introduces the Wealth Tokens that come into the game from the Dream Wealth Store.

In this process, each of the three players, representing one each of the three spheres being Human liberty, Economy, and Equality, get specific Wealth Tokens that are meaningful to them.