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Afrika Kuamka Possibilities

by | Sep 15, 2018 | Afrika Kuamka | 0 comments

Good morning everyone. How are we all?

I started this group with the hope that one of two people would want to test out what I wrote about in the articles that I sent the links for. I want to try out the concept of Africa doing things for others as opposed to the subsistence approach and then to do this without falling into the traps that Western thinking has been caught by.

If someone wants to try this out within their community and share the experience with us, please let me know.
I want to try it out. I truly believe that there is a real possibility to bring something new and constructive.
I am going to try to push on a little further with this challenge to you all.
But, just to recap, subsistence farming is hard work and leads to food for my stomach BUT not to MONEY.
Only when I produce for others do my labors end up in money.
If we all collect water for personal use, there will not be money
If I collect water for others, I can get something in return for it – something like money.

So, let’s pretend that we are in a small village where there is no money but lots of work going on collecting water.
• Let’s club together and buy a manual water pump and give it to a strong young person to operate, together with all our water containers of the village.
• He fills these up for us every day.
• We now use our time that we used to use fetching water to also do something for the others in the village.
• For example, grow maize or vegetables, fix bicycles, make clay bricks.
• Nobody can take of his own products.
• He has to exchange.
• He labors for the others in the village.
What happens now?
• Everyone owes everyone else, or they have paid for it already with money.
• Now suddenly there is money in the village.
This is not the end of the process, but who wants to try this out up to here ?
Is it clear or are there questions?
I look forward to hearing from you. My thoughts are with the Tanzanian boat people.



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