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A Threefold African Village

by | Oct 13, 2018 | Afrika Kuamka | 0 comments

Greetings oh silent ones.

I am now going to continue from where I left off last time.

Our village is now organizing itself to think that each must do something for others and economy will appear.

A currency will appear.

People will be exchanging things.

In the most basic villages, these will be products based on nature like:

  • wood,
  • charcoal,
  • water,
  • maize,
  • furniture,
  • animal powered transport.

This is where human labour moulds nature products for others.

In more advanced villages, or where other value is created, you find people doing things smarter through separating:

  • farming for example into
    • poultry,
    • beef,
    • maize,
    • vegetable,
    • biodynamic VS conventional.

In essence, they become specialized.

They think in more detail and use labour in more detail and smarter.

In any event, the thinking behind all of this is that things are being done for others, either the basic ones or the smarter ones.

The villages now realize that to add more value to their offering to each other;

  • they need to be better trained and schooled.
  • They need this also for the staff that they now need to employ.
  • They also need electricity, water and roads.

How do they organize themselves to get these?

Well, they need to pay tax.

They need someone to collect tax and use it responsibly to supply;

  • water,
  • electricity
  • and roads,
  • also law and order for all.

Without this, in our village, the people doing things for others will become greedy and use their material income to bully others.

This needs checks and balances.

These will become clearer in the next few communications.

However, if all these villages in business pay a little tax, and this tax goes to a body that uses it to fund,

  • schooling,
  • water,
  • electricity
  • and roads,

then they will themselves benefit from this.

More to follow.

Has anyone tried to influence their own thinking about how economy arises when we do things for the material needs of others?



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