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Dear Mr. President,

Stats are an amazing thing.  They tell you for example the number of school leavers, graduates, business start-ups, teachers, nurses, tax revenues, number of potholes, the number of falsely registered vehicles, the number of unroadworthy vehicles on our roads, our short and long term water supply challenges, the power supply issues, the cost of all these, and so on.  These numbers  come about because of policies and the general culture of people within a particular society.  Capitalist thinking in societies create certain stats.  Communist policies bring about different stats in the same way.  Religious states other stats.  Let’s not be shy in accepting that your policies have shaped the stats that we have now.  They can change but only with a change in policy making.  Do we want these stats or do we want others?  The stats won’t change if we retain the current policies.  This is just a point of fact, a reality.

If economic policy is to employ incompetence, how can there be competence?  If the employed incompetence delivers inferior local quality, does the incompetent person want to buy this poor quality at a high price or does one really only encourage imports that come from competence?  Make competence the economic foundation if you want your stats to reflect exports. What is our policy Mr. President?

Religious qualities like patience, love, selflessness, courage, diligence, clarity and so on are not things that one has to take a bond on ones’ house to buy?  They are ever free but really difficult to have at ones’ disposal when one is prejudiced?  For this very reason, racism has proven to be a failed policy both for the Nationalist Party and now the ANC.  Let’s rather focus on being truly religious because these qualities found around sincere religious endeavour are far superior to racism.  They deliver different stats than the stats of racist policies.  They deliver social cohesion Mr. President.

If you tell a taxpaying man that he is a certain race why not tag his tax monies with his colour?  Would the preferred race reject this particular colour of money out of principle when he gets a handout?  Surely not!  Tax revenue is not a race issue but a competence one.  Ditch racism.  Rather spend on sincere and best quality education.  This will generate more tax.  Closing down or legislating against Independent Schools won’t.

Our Banking policies are problematic.  Only giving loan money to those who have an already proven commercially viable project will surely lead to more of the same?  It’s like showing the same news every day because it was newsworthy yesterday, and the day before and so on?  Loan money is risk money if you want the world to evolve. Banks must learn to understand people and take the risks associated with individual human competence otherwise they are constipating our evolution.  We have to make capital available to more people with proven competence but different ideas.

Facilitate the right policies, don’t get in the way of them Mr. President.

If you tell a man that he is a member of a sports team because he is from a prejudiced race not because he is best, what are you telling the sponsor he is sponsoring?  Is he sponsoring a winning product or a beer made with extra water?  Right policy for winning stats?  Please no!

What are the statisticians going to share in their numbers about SOE’s when the policy is Cadre deployment, same political ideology, with more Cadres as the workforce?  The number of Cadres employed?  The amount of socialising over weekends?  How do these stats have anything to do with paying the wages?  What else is there to measure where there is Cadre deployment Mr President?  Perhaps wasted tax monies!  SOE’s run on these policies have not and cannot work.  Why persist?

Will attaching rights to one race over another change a religion in any way?  Or, conversely, will the religion change the colour of a people?  Surely neither will come about?  What religious understanding grows because it is attached to a particular race?  Is this saying that religion is bigger than race?  Probably.  So let’s rather talk religion above race?  By the way, truly religious people don’t take rights over others.  Fund Religious and educational endeavours as a policy if you want different stats to appear.  Fund them broadly, not politically.

How many times can tax money be spent by authorities on the same incompetent road repairs especially when you have eroded the tax base with your policies?  If it is only a question of the policies infringing on personal liberties that people leave, then surely it makes sense to stop this?  If it is a question that incompetence is being rewarded, or competence being persecuted based on race, then rather invest heavily in education and training by providing tax relief to established companies that train other individuals and companies successfully.  Don’t force race.  Rather encourage human skills which are not race based.  They are hard earned qualities.  Policy changes lead to stats changing.

Just because an organisation has no capacity for Truth does not mean that one can legislate truth?  When one becomes so unholy, and any form of conscience is so far removed from ones’ hardened soul, one option is to make laws that attach a corrupted understanding of life to them.  This policy delivers stats.  The ‘truth’ becomes the Law and the interpretation of it.  Oh yes, and where is my own conscience in all this?  It is gone into legal interpretation. Who am I now other than a lost soul devoid of any Godliness?  The stats that flow from a policy of legislating ‘truth’ is that the Courts are busy dealing with delaying and avoidance tactics.  Societies become full of things that can be won in Courts, not things that add value.

In your shared holiday campsite, do you make camp rules alone that your friends are forced to accept?  Or, do you wait for the effect of no arrangements to appear?  Or, do you make agreements through discussion so that all buy in? Why are you forcing things with me then?  You will not keep me with you on our campsite unless I am part of the process.  Legislate me out through racism and I have no choice but to go.  Legislate policies that break hope of a better life and more will go – not race related.

Whose earth are you littering with your take-away packets?  Yours?  Mine?  Ours?  Why not sweat the small things?  Is it not really God’s earth for us all?  Why not talk about these ‘small’ issues or is littering allowed by some legislated truth for a particular race group?

When you see young people leaving the Country because they are not being trained because there are only tax incentives for some designated young people, surely you can see that they will pay taxes elsewhere, buy, live, train others there where they find themselves free of legislated racism?  Surely the stats are going to read reduced tax revenues, less skills transfer, more imports?  How long can you hope to fake your policy relevance Mr. President?

Municipal workers, military personnel, traffic police are a ‘Huge’ problem in their physical ineffectiveness.  The stats associated with these policies are what?  A big fat health bill for these supposedly fit people capable of defending us all Mr. President!

The problems of irreverence extend to the pharmaceutical companies also. They want policies that say that they are bigger than God’s creations of Adam.  They can fix what God has created.  They encourage the most unholy of alliances.  They supply stats that suit their policies, not the stats that tell the truth.  Where are their stats that track unvaccinated children’s responses to Covid19?  Why don’t we see these?  Mr. President, once again, facilitate the right policies of truth for truth’s sake, care, education, courage in your people.  The stats that flow from this will reveal different ones to those you are allowing to flow from current policies.

Should ones’ eyes and ears not work in selected cases?  Should one put ones’ conscience to sleep against God’s will for us all?  Or should only selected races have to do this?

You’re asking too much of us Mr. President.




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