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Both the New and the old languages use all the words contained in modern dictionaries.  The sentences and structure thereof work the same way in both languages.  They are both communicated in writing or verbally.  In writing we use a pen and paper, a keyboard, printer and paper, or keyboard and a screen.  In this process there are images produced that use these words and phrases that our eyes take in.  Assuming we are talking about healthy people that are competent to read and write, and they use good equipment including the paper and the ink, then the message written will stay the same as it was originally written or printed.  It will not change.  The same scenario is true for verbal communication where it comes to the transmission of the words and phrase.  When I write or say ‘same’, I mean that there is no problem with the ink and paper, or the way the sound waves travel through the air.  This works perfectly in terms of the laws of the mineral kingdom.  The written word does not change once written, neither does the sound uttered change once spoken.  Which language has this first paragraph been written in, the New or the old?

It has been written in the old language.  The old language is one where all is evident in the material world and can be proven by physical evidence.  For example, you are reading this document on a screen or a printed version.  It is written using a keyboard and the writing stays the same once ‘saved’ or printed.  This is all the logic of the physical world.  Let’s take it a little further.  The old language will now penetrate your ‘consciousness’ which is something you get from growing up, as your brain develops and as you learn and gain experience in life.  You are filling up your hard drive with data that you can recover when you need to depending on how bright you are, your blood line and your education and upbringing.  You live once and you must make the most of it.  This ‘means’ that you can leave scars of all kinds as long as you are materially comfortable. You buy the best medical cover, live near a hospital and have life insurance and annuities that will buy you out of any discomfort.  You believe that Covid requires vaccination because the effects can be seen and explained under microscopes.  The statistics collected and published around vaccinations support their efficacy.  People in this mode of understanding, this collection of concepts that drive their actions and orientation to life and the world, can follow what has been written thus far quite clearly and reasonably.  The above describes the current world view promoted globally by the mainstream media, economic policies and political processes.  The words and phrases used are structured normally and express something comprehensible to this world view, and all is related to tangible concepts that reduce uncertainty and instability and deliver wonderful personal excess and happiness.

What is written in the old language above is quite comprehensible to those that are competent in the New language too.  The New language is different from the old in that the New language looks to where the particular communication comes from, why it was written and what the general conceptual orientation of the person writing it is/was.  In addition, when the concepts carried by sound or writing land on the eyes or the ears of people receiving them, something happens that cannot be explained only using physical concepts as different interpretations happen and what was certain in the transferring process of the communication becomes somehow coloured.  The New language also knows that when the communication lands on either the eyes or the ears of the people reading or listening that this is where certainty, and the concepts of the material world, fail us.  The New language acknowledges that there is something else in addition to the purely physical – I believe it if I can see it – concepts.  Our understanding is not only dependent on what one can prove within the bounds of the physical, but on something individual to each person that need not remain the same over time.

The modern people with the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ for the New language experience the following reality when reading or listening to others.  They are open to the parable behind what the person is communicating.  They like reading parables where a physical thing is described but an imagination is meant.  For example, more modern leadership training centres will use the image of a circle to connect to something that is complete, or scale, either in or out of balance. as the image that requires equal input from two teams to bring balance to a scenario.  These people use the same words, phrases and sentence construction as used in the two opening paragraphs above.  What is being written right now is also using the same words, phrases and sentence construction.  The difference is that we are using these words to draw an awareness that is no longer dependent on physical proof.  In seeing the circle or the scale we experience the completeness or the balance.  In contrast, the old language finds truth in written laws.  If it is written in law then it is truth.  The old language therefore requires a written definition of ‘completeness’ or ‘balance’ while the New language requires an image that will stimulate a sense of what completeness or balance might be.  Many of these images are given in religious texts, in the parables there, and awaken, at the very least, a sense of conscience.

When I come across people in life today, there are those who can read and write in the old language. They use communication in word or writing to communicate, virtually exclusively concepts that can be proven in the physical world or by measurable definition.  This assists them to make sure that everyone can follow.  The problem is that life does not revolve exclusively around our grasp of material things.  No real understanding of the meaning of life outside of material life is possible in the old language.  Those that communicate in the New language, while the words, phrases and sentences remain the same, use these to describe their inner sense of concepts that are stimulated through imaginative parables.  These New language people can follow the communications of those of the old language but the reverse is not true.

Those of the old language cannot see/hear/accept the concepts that the New language is able to communicate, yet these people of the New language are big influencers in all aspects of life today.  In fact, many of those expressing allegiance to the old language are in fact already unconsciously versed in the New language.  They are just barred from experiencing this reality because of inner prejudice that they have given a home to.  One can see this in the fact that these leadership schools use imaginative parables like those offered by Michael Porter on the Five Forces and Dr Eli Goldratt on the Theory of Constraints.  Neither of these great men would have been able to come across these concepts without them having inherently searched for these concepts, believing they were there.  They could not have found them with a magnifying glass or telescope, but rather only with their inner capacities in search of truth.

On reflection of this article a person of the New language will feel that the words and concepts have led him or her to inner places of movement and newness. The New language has been used to draw the active and real inner life of the readers to experiences that are not only physical.  Old language loyalists will have, in all likelihood, felt this too to some lesser extent .  The swing from material, the old language, to the New language of parables and imaginations is in fact the New language at work.  The old language is the stepping stone to the NewThe New language lives in all of us as our thirst and aspiration for meaning.



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