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MPAM Table

The black print is what is on earth and can be seen physically.  The red print is what is spirit and cannot be seen with earthly eyes. There is a ‘leap’ in capacity between each Kingdom.

Minerals are as defined in the Periodic Table.  They obey the laws of the physical sciences.  They are present in all Four Kingdoms. They are the material foundation of our existence. 

Minerals are what we currently understand and are masters of.  They remain in the form and orientation that we place them in, without objection, whether we ask something sound, unsound, ‘cheap’ or beautiful.  Because of this, they are real servants to us and form the basis of any structure; road, dam, bus or other.  If we get the mineral form of any of these correct, they serve us better. Getting the mineral  right the first time is much cheaper than asking them to do an impossible task becasue of incompetence or laziness on our part.  Designing bridges properly and building them to this design would be an example.

 Plants are minerals taken into a living process.  Plants are the first Kingdom where growth and reproduction take place.  Minerals begin to serve a higher purpose in plants as they are part of this growth and reproduction.  The Life Force in plants sees to it that the minerals are always in the appropriate arrangement for the life of the plant.  There is an ongoing absorption, maintenance and excretion process that takes place that keeps the plant in its ideal health.

 The Plant element is present in any business, court of law, school or home.  It needs to be considered and thought about in relation to these.  As in plant life, in any business, there needs to be regeneration, cleaning, rhythms, routines, processes, procedures of a very accurate and meaningful nature.   In plants we see this as osmosis, photosynthesis, and breathing. They are all very defined and detailed processes that happen repeatedly and rhythmically.  We can be conscious of these in our businesses.  In plants these come from Nature.  In our businesses we need to be conscious of the effect we have when we are involved in such activities.

Animals are more than plants in that they are minerals taken into a living process that now can move, have instinct and can learn from likes and dislikes.  They cannot change themselves consciously in any way.  They are ‘hard-wired’ to be exactly what they are.

 The Animal instinct can also be nurtured and enlivened in any modern social activity like a business, church, or prison.  We see the effect of instinct in these activities when we lose a key person.  They take with them all that they have learnt about customers, suppliers, rules, processes and so on.  We can be conscious of this and realise how much the processes, procedures and routines we design and implement have on the character and instinct we build in the business for example.  They create all sorts of ways of doing and being that end up being what we represent to the customer.

 Mankind is the first area where Nature is not completely the ruler.  We are to some extent free and impact nature.  With this freedom comes mistakes and trials.  With our I we can manage our orientation in the way we connect to our higher conscience or our desires – we can form our own nature by forming our own souls, in either way.  We discover that our environment looks like what we choose to form ourselves as for example with the engagement of our higher I or not.  It is only where Mankind is that we find trade, education and religion, and laws particular to Mankind and made by Mankind which are no longer natural laws.

Mankind can design the links and influence, the balance, between the mineral, the plant and the animal in his social endeavour of whatever kind.  We can choose to let the mineral structure dominate what is possible as a social activity as in a school that becomes a prison becasue of the structure of the buildings, or one can let the processes dominate the character as in modern banks, leaving their character as undesirable, and so on.  We can become conscious of these relationships as they exist in us as a working totality or we can ignore them.

In summary, God’s territory is nature consisting of minerals, plants and animals.  When it comes to Mankind, we are just loosened a bit from this.  Herein lies the challenge.  We can choose to practice and understand these Godlike relationships as represented in the table above and clarified a little within the descriptions above.  In doing so, we will form our own souls into postive, transformative, harmonising hands to which the angelic world can link and work.  The very individual activity of practising this inner orientation in our daily lives to the MPAM concept, can be our own path to a clean and pure soul logic.  It also leads to very effective and workable solutions in the practical social life.


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