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Turning Water into Wine, Inventions and God’s Will – The Common Thread

by | Jan 19, 2024 | Liberty | 1 comment

Turning Water into Wine, Inventions and God’s Will – The Common Thread

This is written in ‘scientific’ language.  The intention is to reveal insights in a scientific way.  For this to be the case, each step must be clear and yet more must be revealed.  The ‘more’ is intended to add to the readers’ understanding, and the opportunities that flow from this, that is, to live a life with more capacity and a conscious influence that serves.


Today, inventions are generally seen as products emerging from clever people coming up with something that has improved something that already exists in a similar or different form, or for something to perform a task that makes our life easier.

Electricity, steam engines, combustion engines, the computer are examples of what we call inventions. (They are generally seen as being related to material things and took place at different times.) If one thinks about this a little carefully, one can say that all of these existed as possibilities before they came into form as a consequence of the inventive process.


All of the constituent concepts existed separately or singly or alone before they were combined in a specific way to deliver the ‘product’ or ‘process’ as became evident in the invention.  The ‘inventor’ is really the person who got the pre-existing stand-alone concepts to combine in a way that had previously not been ‘thought’.  The question must be then, ‘how were these existing concepts linked together in a new collection to form the invention?’

One could ask, what was the searching and sorting process?

Either the inventor was able to search through trillions of concepts and find the one or two that made the difference, or something else happens.  As these and many other inventions were made before computing power, the only possible material answer to the inventor is that he or she was brilliant or lucky.

In my experience, having patented various things, something else happens.  I will briefly describe it here.  One consciously fills ones’ thoughts with concepts that are related to a subject.  Ones’ soul becomes active as it relates to the common concepts.  If one tries to add a concept that is foreign to the concepts already included, one gets an antipathetic response from ones’ soul.  An example of this would be that if one incorporated the main concepts of a tablespoon into ones’ thinking and then looked at a soup spoon, one would feel the antipathy of the latter to the original concepts held.


The deduction that must come from the above is that our souls, as spiritual entities that visit that world each time we sleep, are active during our conscious life too.  We only need to take this into our consciousness for it to grow as a reality in us.  We need to learn to listen to the sympathies and antipathies it sends us. (This piece cannot deal with the development of this capacity and our ability to filter out the true and the good from the false and the evil that approaches us too, but this all relates to personal inner development as put forward in several sound streams of spiritual wisdom.) These messages can guide one to the right concepts required to yield the solution to the material problems we face.


What we need to draw out of the above is that, firstly, inventions are closely linked to our souls’ activity as a real ‘living’ element of our existence.  Secondly, inventions need not apply only to material things or processes.


Parables are a good example of what happens when we gain insights.  A physical example is given, and then the inner image is given where the meaning is related.  Our souls make pictures of these truths and so we can apply these new thoughts and feelings in the way we interact with life in an added way.  They are like inventions within us.


This process is active and real in many people already and we read of their ‘inventions’ where we find inspirational insights shared.


The same process took place in my soul that has inspired me to write this article.  My soul found the connection between material product invention and moral insight as it connected the Gospel parables of turning water into wine and feeding the five thousand.  It discovered that the Christ showed us this possibility.  He took water and turned it into wine when he blessed it – the water being an every-day understanding that can be enriched into wine when understanding is shared through imagination, with others.  He fed their understanding.  He made the water in them into wine as they grew in understanding. Also, he took a few loaves of bread and some fish, we could say concepts, and fed thousands of people with these.  They even had baskets of remnants.  We could say that these concepts were too much for the people to take in, hence the leftovers.  And, he gave this capacity to all of us individually as a possibility that is awakening in us today.  We can all turn water into wine if we let our understanding deepen by being aware of our higher sympathies and antipathies communicated to us via our spiritual organ of the soul.  We do this when we can learn to hold concepts in consciousness.  They are worked on by our soul and reveal new images for us, clearer images of the Good and the True.  While material or process inventions are discovered in the same way as new light is shared on the form or process, so too do we gain insights into true meaning when we allow moral thoughts to mingle in our souls.  Here we are turning water into wine ourselves.  The outflow of this is that when we stand before our neighbours in life, we are able to share some clearer and more meaningful thoughts with them.  In this way we are able to feed thousands.  There will be baskets left over too.  This is just how it is.


A daily example of thought ‘inventions’ is where we have what are referred to as ‘aha moments’, or where we read something proper and really wish to take it in.  While we might know some of the thoughts, suddenly a new idea will pop into ones’ view that is not always related to the ones being held.  A new application of something we know in another circumstance will become visible.  The key here is that we relate these to soul activity and not material processing in the brain.  For those aware of Goetheanistic observation, the idea of thoughts mixing with thoughts around a defined subject, even one of child observation or biographical studies, will have had experience of this inventive process available to all of us where we turn water into wine and follow God’s will.


If, in reading the above, you have new insights that you can use in your own orientation and conduct in life, then what has been written, you can now use to explain your own inner inventions that happen.  It is real for each of us.  We can change the world. If we do it in this way, surely this is also in alignment with God’s will as our inspirations are coming from the spiritual organ of our souls which know God.  Humanity can choose to change our water into wine – the first sign as given in the Gospel of John.  The capacity is within us.


(In the world today, we too find ‘inventions’ that are not sound, and being followed by the majority of human beings as they are taught these as base truths in our education systems around the world. These include the false conclusions Newton made in his Theory of Colour as well as the Copernican view on the planetary processes. Our world today is beset with such falsities in Economic Theory, understanding of the human body and much more. These falsities arise from the same process in us. Their effects are considerable. There is a way out, as has been presented above.)

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  1. Michael Schubert

    Dear David, these well explained process of transforming water to wine I am looking forward to discuss with you with the complementary question how to change wine into water


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